Saturday, February 24, 2007

Date #64: Tom Hanks

Had a lunch date on Monday with "Tom Hanks" ... there was indeed a bit of resemblance there -- post his drag days on (what was the name of that 70's sitcom?), and pre-"Castaway".

Not terrible looking... and a semi-stylish dresser... AND had the very strong advantage of living in my funky downtown neighborhood.

But... the problem with this "Tom" was his voice. Strong, grating, slightly whiny Queens accent... I'll have to figure out a way to describe it -- feel free to give some examples: X meets X meets Woody Allen? Poor guy, I had trouble even looking at him!

Does that make me sound like a superficial bitch? Maybe. And I'll be the first to admit, I have my own flaws. I'm far from model-thin, and maybe that's a turn-off for some guys. Today's lesson: we all have our own shit to deal with. Me, I can't take a bad voice.

But oh, a nice voice? So so sexy. As in the case of Senor Swanky (date #63) ... his voice made me melt. But after four dates, he's now appearing on a milk carton near you. He's fallen off the face of the earth, after texting me the day after Valentine's day (a so-called Hallmarketing event that I was ignoring anyway): "sorry, need to cancel tonight, family stuff happening". No voice there, just text on my phone.


dgirlnyer said...

Delia here. Ohmigosh, how great is this blog! Now I don't have to interfere with your busy workday to find out how the latest date went! And to answer one of your questions, girl, there is NOTHING wrong with you. You are a mathlete in the competition of dating dunces that make up the NYC dating arena. You are funny, quirky, beautiful, well-traveled, interesting and interested, and this is just the way the NYC dating world is. Supermodels and CEOs have trials and tribulations. It just the way the crappy cookie crumbles...

Cute Jewess said...

64 dates in 2 years!! Wow, that's impressive. I'm about to go on my 5th in three months. Here's hoping!

acaligurl said...

bossum buddies.(tom hanks..)