Sunday, February 25, 2007

Date #66: Dog Guy

It's pretty funny how I even ended up corresponding with Dog Guy (DG) in the first place: I was doing a search on J-date last week, and meant to click on one guy (not DG)as a "favorite"... but accidentally clicked DG. He apparently saw that I had clicked on him, and he wrote to me the next day.

I decided to give him a chance, and we had a longer-than-usual conversation the other night: about his dog, about relationships, work, etc.

The initial plan for our first date was for me to join him on a walk with his dog this afternoon -- I absolutely adore dogs, so this would have been a perfect first date. Instead, he was stuck doing some work today, so we agreed to meet for a drink tonight.

We met at a lovely downtown bar/lounge (my suggestion), a place known for its serious, old-school cocktails. DG was waiting for me as I arrived -- the first negative vibe I got was when he remained seated as I went over to say hi -- I even (half) joked, "Don't bother getting up!" I'm certainly not Ms. Manners, but this was such a common-sense gesture. I quickly sensed that he had no game.

The conversation was lukewarm... he hogged up too much of the limited legroom under the tiny table... and overall, just didn't strike me as a very smart/cultured guy. He DID have an excellent, thick head of hair though!

I used to wait tables, so I judge people on how they treat waitstaff. At this bar, it just happens that I had recently met the owner -- when we asked our waitress for our check, she said that our drinks were comped. Now -- rule of thumb is that when you get something for free at a bar/restaurant, the right thing to do is leave a generous tip, similar (or only slightly less) to the amount you would have spent anyway. DG put $5 on the table as a tip... now, this was quite an upscale bar, and leaving that amount was an embarrassment. I added another $10 to that, and we headed out -- said our goodnights, quick cheek kiss good night, and walked in separate directions.

The search continues! Two more dates (Sunday and Monday) before heading to sunny skies for a week of scuba diving!

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