Monday, February 26, 2007

Date #67: Foodie Man

Brunch with Foodie Man (FM) -- twice this weekend, I've encountered that rarest of creatures: guys who look even better in person than in their pics. Maybe because they just don't obsess as much over their pics as I do mine? Anyway, he was quite good looking, great head of hair -- even though he's 7 years older than I am. (only recently have I expanded my maximum age... I used to cap it at 3, 4 years older).

Anyway -- the conversation went easily enough, plenty to talk about, including each of our respective past marriages. One thing that I noted and filed away: he seemed to have an occasional pessimistic streak. He used to live in London: hated it. He went to Machu Picchu: didn't think it was such a big deal (!!!). He runs regularly, but hates doing it on a treadmill.

It wasn't all negative, we definitely had some laughs and enjoyable conversation. But if this progresses, I'll have to ask him something that my therapist always suggests asking: "Is this you?"

Anyway, the conversation seemed to be rolling along nicely, so after brunch we moved on to a cafe / bar for a few glasses of wine, where we sat closer and closer til we were kissing. And I must say... he was an excellent kisser! Times like that, my mind automatically wonders what "sexytime" would be like with him...

I already had evening plans (Oscar party), so we said goodbye at the subway with another very sexy kiss... and he took off rather abruptly. I'm going away soon for a week, so I won't be able to see him til the end of next week... we'll see if he's still around. Stay tuned!

Next dates tomorrow night and Tuesday lunch. Oh man, that's a record for me: five dates in five days. I'm certainly not bragging about it -- I truly believe that ANYone doing the internet dating thing could have 3 dates a day if they wanted to.

Yes, it gets tiring... and it can certainly get confusing (who did I talk about the Times crossword with?)... but I do believe that it's definitely a numbers game, and I'm playing the dating lottery.

UPDATE, the following day: he left a message to say he had a nice time, and let's try to touch base before we I head out of town -- "otherwise have a great trip, and I'll see you when you get back". Unexpected, given the brusque goodbye at the end of the date -- but sweet. I'm happy to hear from him.


Cute Jewess said...

I haven't yet kissed any of my first dates. Or, actually, anyone since my break-up in November!

Loverville said...

Good move -- sounds like you're trusting your gut. If it doesn't feel right, don't do it.

After a painful breakup from a long-term relationship, I'd probably feel the same way.