Tuesday, February 27, 2007

"I've got the vibe that ya need!"

Really... that was the subject in his e-mail. They forgot to give out an award at the Oscars last night: Best Creative Bullshit Artist. This is classic -- you can't make this stuff up.

"good looking, smart, funny, sexy, funny, seriously whats a beau woman like u with such a killer charming smile doing single? i mean u dont seem the kind who needs match.com @ all.

a little abt me, im a part time model/actor, full time 9-5 data analyst @ major financial co, teach kickboxing once a week and I DJ every month or 2 in south beach miami. I know it sounds like a busy schedule but its really not, which is why I sometimes get into more trouble than needed, kidding, guess since i dont have my special someone im looking too keep occupied instead of wasting time, after all that someone can be any part of the world.

what do u think?

im looking for someone who can be a best friend kinda thing, someone i can trust and talk abt anything, no head games or lies, someone who speaks their mind without giving a ass abt what the other person thinks and ofcourse someone with a charming smile, so far u seriously have the best one ive come across. im pretty laid back kinda guy, i do have my crazy moments too but then again who doesnt right? anyway if you are still interested then feel to contact me either by email or messenger. on [blahblah@bullshit.com] take care beautifull ;)

p.s. theres a lil saying i had heard once but never really believed it till i saw your pic, and mind u im not saying this to impress u but, non c'e nessuno bello come te, it means there is no other as beautifull as u ;)"

This SCREAMS "cut and paste" form letter... anyone else get this one??

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acaligurl said...

my response would be "are you for real?"