Sunday, February 25, 2007

Next up at bat...

I'm very much inspired by Cute Jewess's blog! (THANK YOU to both Cute Jewess and Dating Dummy for the tips on links in posts!)

I saw that she had a running tab of guys she's currently writing to / talking to -- of course, I have my notebook as well, but sharing it with all three of you who are reading this is so much more fun!

Here's the latest rundown, as of Saturday night:
Blue Eyes: went out last night, no word back from him yet. I'd consider a second date, but not sure if I got that vibe from him.
Foodie Man: supposed to go out for brunch tomorrow, will see if I hear from him in the morning.
Czech Doc: plans for Monday night.
Hoboken Drummer: seems cool and funny ... a few e-mails back and forth, no phone contact yet.
Kibbutznik: one or two e-mails so far, no phone yet.
StreamOfConsciousness Dude: So named because of the way he wrote his profile... I liked it. He left me a message a few days ago -- I just haven't had a chance to call back. Maybe tomorrow.
Brooklyn Guy: left me a message yesterday, I'll call him tomorrow.

Oh man (indeed). A little too much going on right now. There's a part of me that thinks that going into overload like this may not be such a good thing -- it makes it hard to get excited about any one guy in particular.

But then again... if there was someone amazing, someone who made me go home with a big, silly grin on my face? It would be so worth having to sit through drinks with Boring Ben* or coffee with Egotistical Eric* to meet Really Great Greg.*.

* not his real name


Cute Jewess said...

Aw, thanks! To link to something in the body of your post, you just have to use the tabs at the top of the box where you write. Highlight the word you want to carry the link, then click on the tab right next to the "T" color box.

You should explore those tabs--they're very handy! You can post pics there too.

(I'm writing this comment before morning coffee, so it's very possible it makes no sense...)

The Dummy said...

Hey! Looks like you're already a pro with this HTML thingy. :)