Monday, February 26, 2007

"that is so crazy!"

New e-mail from some Joe Shmoe on J-date: (in reference to one of my pics)
"that is so crazy have you been to Maccu Picchu in the Andes? that is crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Me, and only a SCRILLION other tourists! How craaaazy!!!

Note: this is coming from a guy who claims to have a Master's degree from Yale.


Then there was another guy who simply wrote "yawn" in the body of the e-mail. WTF??? Why bother??!!


Cute Jewess said...

very odd!!

One guy once wrote me that I look "affectionet." I resisted writing back that he looked like "he kudn't spell."

James said...

Wow - I'm amazed at your resilience in dating. Keep the faith though - there's someone out there for each of us.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that for so many Americans -- no matter how well-educated -- the mere concept of foreign travel is CRAZY?!?

dgirlnyer said...

Yawn? WTF? I once got an email where a guy balled me out for including in my profile (in a humorous way) that I preferred to date men who lived in Manhattan or Brooklyn. I mean, was I on Match for the feedback or the dating opportunities?

Loverville said...

CJ: I agree, I'm astounded how many guys out there lack basic spelling skills! Scary!

James: thanks for your sweet note! Of course I'm hoping to meet "that" guy -- but til that happens, gotta have a good sense of humor!

Anon: indeed.

D-Girl: once, I made the mistake of letting some Westchester guy know that I preferred to just date in the city. He wrote back, "Oh, too bad, I'm just about to buy a Soho loft." Suuuure ya are, honey!!

Dating said...

very odd!!