Saturday, March 10, 2007

Date #70: Neighbor Guy

I had a mocha, he had a glass of wine. I liked him -- thought he was cute -- and we had plenty to talk about. He's a foodie... we work in the same industry... he's a big traveler. I felt that we truly spoke the same language.

However... after reading an article recently on body language, I was analyzing his: he leaned back most of the time, away from me. Didn't make much eye contact. However, he did sound sincere when he said he'd like to get together again.

Unfortunate timing -- I'm about to leave town for over two weeks, so let's hope he's still around when I get back! I've had this awful pattern over the past few years: I tend to travel for work every few months, and for a while there, RIGHT before a trip, I'd have a great date with someone I really liked. By the time I returned -- *poof* -- they were gone. Dropped off the face of the earth. One guy (the French-Canadian) actually had a good excuse, he was moving to San Francisco. Others (Great Dog Guy... Sexy Cuban), just gone. Abducted by aliens, for all I know.

Tonight: date #2 with Foodie Guy. I have a tendency to be an over-planner. I like researching restaurants, bars, etc, and tend to take the reins when planning dates. However -- I've decided to take the advice of my best friend, D -- she said that guys feel emasculated when the woman always takes charge.

With that in mind, I let FG suggest a restaurant for tonight and make the reservation. It seems like he may have chosen well -- after all, he is the Foodie Guy. Stay tuned for the latest!

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Cute Jewess said...

New Guy sounds promising! Good luck with both guys.