Saturday, March 31, 2007

Guy update + confessional

I'd hoped to have a few dates this weekend -- but I guess that's unrealistic, since I was out of town til late Thursday, and just contacted my potential dates yesterday, Friday.

Foodie Guy: played phone tag yesterday, but he did say he wanted to get together over the weekend. Dude... the weekend is running out. It's his turn to call, and I'm not exactly keeping my calendar clear.

AdMan: his last few e-mails were quite eager (while I was still away) -- I left him a message yesterday, no word back yet.
UPDATE: he e-mailed, saying he got my message, but is extremely busy with work this weekend, as well as a funeral, but would like to get together during the week. I have a good vibe about him.
MORE UPDATE: I Googled him, and found his Friendster page. His friends wrote some really nice comments about him, saying what a catch he is. Now I'm even more anxious to meet him, but trying to be realistic. As I always say -- you never fricking know. "Good on paper" means squat if there's no face-to-face vibe.

Three-Letter-Man: *NEW* Funny -- I have a history of dating guys with just three letters in their names, so much so that my friends tease me about it. ("I'd introduce you to Bill, but he has too many letters for you.") A few brief e-mails back and forth, and he just left a message on my phone, will call him back shortly.
UPDATE: we're meeting for drinks tonight, Sunday. He seemed nice enough on the phone, but I got the impression that he hadn't actually read my profile, only looked at the pics. For example, he asked if I was a teacher (I'm not) -- while my profession is quite clearly stated on the profile.

Note to guys: brush up on the woman's profile before making that call! She'll be much more interested in you if it seems that you've taken 30 seconds to learn a bit more about her -- that's why the info is there.

Adventure Guy: *NEW* Very interesting, mountain-climber type. We've had a few e-mails back and forth, but he's about to go out of town for 2 months.

Neighbor Guy: OUT. We had one date earlier this month... I e'd him yesterday to let him know I'm back in town, any interest in grabbing a drink? He wrote back saying thanks, but he didn't think we were a match. No problem there -- I much prefer that response to no response at all.

Confession: I have a bit of a weight issue. It's not huge -- but I'm about 10-15 lbs heavier than I'd like. Ok, what the hell: I'm 5'4", and currently about 140 lbs. Since I'm not *that* overweight, it's too easy to brush it off at times and convince myself that I look OK. But most of the time I think about how much happier/ sexier /more confident I'd be at about 125 / 130. And I've been there... have done Weight Watchers and other programs in the past, but then I'll get bored with it, and the weight gradually creeps back up.

Had a wake-up call this week while I was away: ran into a guy friend I hadn't seen in a while. When I hugged him goodbye, I mentioned that he had gotten so thin, and joked, "I wish someone would say that to me."

His response: "Well, you can do something about that." OUCH!

But he was right. So as of yesterday, I'm back on WW, with a short term goal to lose 10 lbs in 10 weeks. I'll report here regularly -- hopefully, having this info in the public eye (for all of my, um, 3 regular readers!) will be good incentive to keep this going.

Wish me luck!!!


The Dummy said...

You know, it's funny that regardless of what weight people are, they always seem to want to lose that extra 10 or so. I think it's great you're working toward a meaningful goal. The weather's getting warmer so your timing is great! Why don't you join us again on the BWW? There's a nice little group over there trying to keep everyone motivated and accountable with the workouts.

Loverville said...

Hey DD!

Thanks for the encouragement! I just re-visited the BWW -- what a great idea!


Cute Jewess said...

Hey LV! Things sound promising with your guys, especially Adman! Good luck with the weight--it'll be nice to feel better in your own skin, so just keep that image of what you want in your head, and hopefully it will motivate you!