Monday, March 12, 2007

The latest updates...

About to go out of town... any minute now. These are the latest contenders... will be interesting to see who's still around when I'm back in two weeks!

Foodie Man: after second good date on Saturday, he texted and e-mailed me today to say he had a nice time, and let's get together again when I'm back in town. Encouraging.

Neighbor Guy: never heard from him after first date Saturday, even after my follow-up "nice to meet you" e-mail Sunday. Not feeling optimistic about him -- too bad.

AdMan: A few e-mails in. I like his style, very fun banter. We'll see if he's still around in a few weeks. I have a good vibe about him.

Czech Doc: After not-very-good first date, I have no interest... and apparently neither does he, haven't heard from him. Good.

Hoboken Drummer, Kibbutznik, StreamOfConsciousness Dude: Have only had occasional e-mail exchanges, haven't spoken to any of them on the phone. All seem to have stalled for now. This seems to happen quite regularly on these dating sites. Will keep them on the very, very back burner.

So -- New York, I'll miss you! But I may cheat on you, depending on availability of cute, sexy Euro dudes.


jgo said...

Hey just found your blog. I have a question for you since you seem to be an expert online dater. I know everyone hates the super romantic cut and paste email so when I write people on dating sites, everyone gets an original email where I try to comment or ask questions on things mentioned in the profile so the girl sees that I took the time to read it. But obviously this is also time consuming. And considering that most people never respond I try to keep them short until I get a first response. So my question is if you receive an email from a guy are you more likely to respond if it is long, very thought out and detailed? If a guy sends you a short email asking you a few questions based on what you say in your profile and you like his profile/pics, will you respond? Thanks!

Loverville said...

I think short, sweet and personal is key... something that direcly relates to her profile, eg, "sounds like you had a great time in Brazil/ hiking/ at Burning Man"... etc.

Doesn't have to be that long. Keep in mind, it comes down to, does she like YOUR profile enough to write back? I've gotten very nice e-mails from guys who were too old, or lived too far away... which is a shame, because they said all the right things in that first e-mail.

Good luck!