Friday, March 9, 2007

Noah's Fricking Ark

Do you ever get that feeling that EVERYONE you know is coupling up? And it's so damned depressing because you wonder, what the hell is wrong with ME, that I can't meet someone?

OK, pity party is over.

I really don't have much to complain about right now -- I just spent a week in the sunny Caribbean, scuba diving with family. And next week I'm off to visit friends in Europe. I know it sounds like a charmed life, but trust me, this is all happening on the uber-cheap. (and yes, I do work -- I have vacation time this month)

True, all this so-called jet-setting isn't exactly conducive to forming a stable relationship. It'll be good for me to get away from NY for a little while and put the dating game on hold. It can become obsessive.

In the meantime -- I keep thinking about some past exes, and their new loves:
* Kosher Guy -- I saw someone who looked just like him on a beach last week. He's married now. And while I'm VERY happy not to have married him (we came close)... I've been thinking about him lately. Or maybe I'm just missing that closeness?
* "Leo" -- we dated for two years, a million years ago (with subsequent flings for ages afterwards) -- and he's one of my best friends today. I love him for being a good friend, and nothing more (I think)... so why did I feel a twinge of angst when I got an Evite from his newish girlfriend for his birthday party? (I'm going to be out of town, thank God!)
* BikeRacingGuy -- dated for a few months last summer, have stayed friendly ever since. He's been happily dating someone else for a few months now. Not so much of a twinge there.

Squeezing in a few more dates before I head out of town again:
1. tomorrow afternoon: coffee with Neighbor Guy -- a first date. I got a really good vibe from his profile and on the phone. He lives only a few blocks away, but is about to move to another borough.
2. tomorrow night: second date with Foodie Guy. It's been a LONG time since I've been on a second date with someone, so I'm looking forward to it. We exchanged a few e-mails while I was away, which was nice. I have a bit of a tan, so I'm looking forward to wearing a cute little dress -- maybe even sandals, weather permitting. (ok, that's being overly optimistic...)

So -- other singletons out there -- do you ever feel like I do, that *everyone* is in great relationships and having hot sex, but you? Oh man... do I miss sex...! I do have a friend I can call for "benefits"... but I'd rather wait until my next serious relationship. [She says NOW... wait til she's feeling horny, after one too many mojitos!]

Speaking of mojitos, heading out to a friend's birthday party in the east village. 'Night!

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