Sunday, March 11, 2007

Too Many Choices

Interesting article on having too many options in dating... validates a theory I've had for a long time: while Mr. Blue may seem like a perfectly nice guy, Mr. White has better hair, but Mr. Pink is better-traveled. Oy vey.

[and of course, Mr. Pink is saying, "Why do I have to be Mr. Pink?". Ten points if you get that movie reference]

On that note: another new possibility: AdMan. He and I had a few fun e-mail exchanges about a year ago, exchanged our favorite bad jokes... then we stopped. I recently dug him out of the archives, dropped him a line... and we've picked up where we left off. Won't be able to see him til the end of the month, but it's always nice to have more options. He gives good e-mail... I like that.


Eddy said...

I think that article may be right.

(Reservoir Dogs)

The Dummy said...

Oh crap. Without reading the article, I was just about to reference that book, Paradox of Choice - I read that book a few months ago and wrote about it on the blog. Very true. Sometimes having more options isn't necessarily the best. I'd imagine having too many picks would make someone not want to settle on just one person, and would probably make them constantly date - but if that sense of 'there's always someone a little bit better' on the horizon, that would probably cause them to end up as cereal daters and be less able to commit. Sometimes you just have to pick someone you're happy with and accept that while there may be others, the one you're with is pretty darn good.

Anonymous said...

Good words.