Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Bonjour / boa noite

Had an unexpected, fun night tonight. My friend Young French Guy (YFG) invited me to a "French Tuesdays" gathering -- I had initially expected a bunch of beret'd geeks sitting around with their flash cards, practicing their conjugations.

Au contraire, mon ami!

French Tuesdays is a bi-monthly, invitation-only party for Frenchies, friends of Frenchies and those who just like a good clubby night out. Proper dress (eg, jackets for men) is strictly enforced.

Vibrant, pulsating dance floor -- I hung on the edge after losing track of YFG and his friend. Saw a very good-looking guy nearby who appeared to be checking me out. I immediately dismissed him: usually New York guys who are THAT good looking are too aware of that fact, and are arrogant assholes.

Well -- Mr. Hottie started chatting with me, and I soon found out why he was actually a nice guy: he wasn't a New Yorker after all, he's a Portuguese tourist named Pedro, visiting NY for the first time. We danced for a while -- I loved that the club had dance music accompanied by drums and saxophone.

I must admit -- though he was very cute, almost immediately I started wondering how I could ditch him, thinking there had to be someone "better" for me to hang out with. Preferably a New Yorker, maybe someone with boyfriend potential? But as we danced and chatted more, I grew to enjoy his company more and more. Enough so that before the club closed (at the ridiculously early hour of 1 am!), we were kissing in a quiet corner of the club.

We exchanged numbers -- he's here until Sunday, so I might see him again. I like the idea of having my very own vacation fling, in my hometown. N'est ce pas?


Cute Jewess said...

Now that sounds like a party!

acaligurl said...

never been to new york, but what you just posted is what i envision!!! ahhhh big city life :)

Loverville said...

Cali Gurl, come visit sometime!

Warning: I don't do the nightclub thing that often! It's often more trouble than it's worth: you have to be on some kind of magic guest list, there are long lines, overpriced drinks that you have to sqeeeeeze into the bar to get...

Saying that... last night was a fun one!