Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Date #73: the FOF / Friend of the Family

Drinks tonight with the FOF / Friend of the Family -- it was a set-up by our parents, who became friends recently. You know those days where you're feeling really good about yourself? It was one of those -- I was wearing a new summer dress that showed some cleavage (but not too much), I had a bit of a tan, my hair came out just right... I was feeling quite cute and confident.

Overall, I thought HE was cute, charming, funny, well-mannered… I’d definitely go out with him again. But what did he think of me? Not so sure. We definitely had lots to talk about: the family connections, favorite TV shows, we're both map geeks... but maybe it was too buddy-ish?

When we left the bar, I pointed out a few local hotspots. He seemed impressed that I knew the area, and I mentioned that I was a great tour guide, and I’d be happy to give him a tour of another cool downtown area next time. I got the impression that he was trying to be vague about "next time". Kiss on the cheek goodnight.

This is what drives me crazy: if this had been a "normal" date 10 years ago (pre-internet dating) I'm sure we both would have thought this was a successful date, and I'd have no doubt that I'd see him again. But since he's a cute guy, with a zillion options out there? I just have a feeling I'm not going to hear from him again.

Here's the funny thing: after we were introduced by our parents via e-mail, I came across his online dating profile. And I realized I'd written to him prior to this introduction, weeks ago... and he never wrote back! I have no idea if he made the connection.

The waiting game begins -- as part of my new "playing-hard-to-get" campaign, I guess that means I need to wait for HIM to e-mail or call next. That sucks.


acaligurl said...

ah, the wait game. it consumes every thinking minute, even if you say "i'm not gonna think about it"
sounds like you both had a good time. and i have a feeling you are darling (ok, cutej already said that so i know) so i think you did just fine.

a&v said...

Here's hoping you don't have to wait long and that a NEW cute guy arrives on the horizon. That always takes the pressure off the waiting game, yanno? Have you read "Why Men Love Bitches?" by any chance?

Loverville said...

A&V: I'll have to look into that book... sounds like just the thing!

Luckily, I do have some distractions -- a date tomorrow, possibly another on Friday. And I kissed a cute Portuguese tourist tonight at a nightclub! Post to follow...

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