Thursday, April 26, 2007

Date #74: Mr. Reliable

I really wanted to like Mr. Reliable. We've been e-mailing for weeks -- he was away on a business trip, but wrote long e-mails quite frequently. When we spoke on the phone, the conversation was easy -- but it felt a bit too relationship-esque early on: he'd often ask what I had done that day... what did I do yesterday... what did I have planned for the weekend.

People can smell desperation, even if it's subconscious. That's the scent I was getting from him, but I really wanted to give him a chance. After all, it's refreshing for a change to NOT wonder if / when you'll hear from a guy.

We finally met today -- and yes, he was a "nice" guy in person, but that was it. I felt no attraction whatsoever. His profile only had one picture, and sure enough, it was the most flattering version of him -- and he wasn't as tall as he had claimed on his profile (surprise, guys do that sometimes).

We had a lovely dinner, and when the check came, I offered to split it, to make my intentions clear -- but he quickly gave his credit card to the waiter. (yeah, I know, I could have tried harder) I felt guilty that he had brought me some presents from his trip -- nothing expensive, just thoughtful.

Perfunctory kiss on the cheek goodnight, a "talk to you soon", and that was it. Did he know that there was no connection, the way I knew? Dunno. Come to think of it, that's how my date with FOF ended earlier this week, and I liked him... but haven't heard from him since!

Next on the agenda: supposedly, a date this weekend with AdMan. We'll see if THAT happens, or if he'll continue to live on in my imagination!

Also: heard from my Portuguese dish from last night, hoping to get together before he bids "ate logo". I like the idea of having a temp -- wish he was going to be around longer!


Cute Jewess said...

Girl, don't feel guilty that he got you gifts, and don't worry about the bill--I'm sure *he* had a great time!

And yeah. We need to find that perfect mixture of reliable and sexy as hell.

So, Mr. Reliable But Sexy As Hell, where the heck are ya!?!

a&v said...

I've been out with your Mr. Reliable so many times! He's tricky--pops up in many different disguises but always the same Mr. Reliable. Sigh! For your sake, I hope he picked up that you aren't "feeling it"--giving nice guys the shove is always hard.

acaligurl said...

call me old fashioned. he should pay for the date.
and the gifts are a bonus. at least he is thoughtful.