Saturday, April 28, 2007

Date #75: AdMan (finally!!)

Funny -- as I was getting ready for tonight's date, I realized: I wasn't even in the mood to go on a date! A friend mentioned that she was planning a girls' night in with another friend and a bottle of wine -- and that's exactly what I wanted at that moment. No effort, no being "on". But there was no way I was going to cancel on such short notice -- especially when it took so much patience to get to this point!

WELL -- after a month and a half of communication -- and after a YEAR and a half since our very first e-mails (it's easy to lose contact with people on this crazy online dating thing) -- AdMan and I FINALLY met in person.

What can I say: he was as cute as his pics. Very easy to talk to -- smart, funny, engaging. The bar where we had drinks was a bit crowded -- I was very aware of the fact that my leg was rightnext to his. No problem there.

I would have been happy to have gone for another drink, but he'd had a rough week, said he was exhausted. He walked me part of the way home, going the opposite direction from where he lived.

Our goodnight kiss effortlessly turned into a VERY nice, sensual, lingering kiss. For a few minutes. Then he said, "I'll talk to you soon -- good night!". And that was that. Totally left me wanting more -- perhaps that was the idea?

On my way home, I noticed "4" (one of my favorite guy friends) in a bar, and joined him for a drink. When I told him about the abbreviated kiss, he was surprised: why would a guy walk away from a really nice kiss, no matter how tired he was?

Question of the year. Along with the other question of the year: will AdMan and I actually have a second date, and will it take as much effort to book as the first date did?

Check this space for those answers, and more!


a&v said...

Oooh, so tantalizing!

Cute Jewess said...

Okay, Adman. Step it up and don't make LV wait for the call!

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