Saturday, April 21, 2007

I'm back!

And just where to begin????

* with the French guy? He's a friend -- 10 years younger than I am -- who mentioned that he's into older women while we were out with friends tonight... and we proceeded to talk about sex ALL night. Cut vs. not. Going downtown vs. abstaining. I came thisclose to bringing him home with me. It's been a long time since I've had a hot, sweaty, naked man next to me... and I'm suddenly craving it even more than chocolate. I'm about ready to forego waiting for the next semi-serious relationship, and just jump into bed with the next available guy I'm even remotely attracted to. I need an FB. Or would that be "a" FB? Grammar police?

* with SexySmile? After e-mailing constantly while he was out of town, we finally talked for the first time. And I like him just as much via phone as I did online. Does this mean we're destined NOT to connect in person, as is my history? We'll have to find out this week.

* with the FOF / Friend of the Family? We were put in touch by our respective parents, the well-meaning matchmakers. After FOF sent me his pic, I realized I recognized him: not only is he on the same dating website as I am... but I wrote to him a few weeks ago via that site, and he never wrote back. But now that we're being introduced by our parents, we're playing phone tag, possible date sometime this week. AND... I learned that a friend (also on the same dating site) went out with him a few months ago. For such a big city, Manhattan can be one tiny little island. She said he seemed like a good guy, but there was no second date.

* ah, my beloved AdMan? Still corresponding... just might get around to meeting (finally!) for the first time this week. I'll believe it when I'm in front of him.

* with Chef? Who, when I saw him in his restaurant the other night was quite flirtatious -- shoulder touching, and all that. We talked about lunch this week -- potentially very innocent. Or not.

Spring is in the air -- and after this very gray winter (particularly this past week), I feel like I'm just waking up. I feel like it's the first day of spring EVER. And most of all -- I feel very lucky / happy to be alive.


Orgi-girl said...

Hey Loverville,
So great to have you back..we missed you!
French go girlfriend! (you were's "an" FB..cos the letter F is pronounced 'eff'..couldn't resist my chance to be a grammar policewoman there!)

FOF..that's so funny that you've come across him already.

The I like the sound of him..can't wait to hear about next encounter with him..

Lovely that you are so's catching. Have a fabulous Spring week!

Cute Jewess said...

Girlfriend, you are not going to need that FB any time soon, I predict.

a&v said...

Oooh! So many delicious options! And I'm glad your hiatus was short-lived. (I was going to offer my own two "grammar police" cents, but orgi-girl beat me to it!)

acaligurl said...

ah feast or famine. take the feast!!!