Thursday, April 5, 2007

Life With One Arm

Thanks to everyone for your get-well notes -- I'm almost back to normal, except for this Tylenol Sinus loopy haze.

BUT my left arm (my dominant arm) is still in pain. Imagine trying to wash your hair with just one hand (since I can't bend my left arm enough to reach my head) -- it was actually quite comical. Looks like I'll have to have semi-grungy hair for the next few days.

Even funnier: trying to brush my teeth using my right hand, since I can't bend my left arm enough to reach my mouth. I looked and felt like a two-year-old learning to brush her teeth for the first time. Let's hope I don't get new cavities or plaque as a result of my inadequate brushing.

Some new potential guys on the horizon! Coincidentally, two of them wrote just before heading out of town for several weeks -- but they both sound pretty cool, so I'll keep them in my back pocket.

GlobeTrekker: total adventure traveler, sometimes travels for a living -- my kinda guy. He's already written to me from the road. Will have to see if there's a vibe when he gets back.

SexySmile: about to head to South America for a few weeks, sounded semi-serious when he said I should join him. This wasn't a sleazy "hey baby, hop on my jet"-type invitation -- more like, "you should meet me, we'd have fun" vibe. While I can be spontaneous, this just isn't feasible right now. But I did consider it for a second... even looked into flight prices and availability.

TV dude: we share a love for an obscure, underrated TV show, with other things in common. He seems sweet.

Blondie: while I tend to go for dark-haired guys, Blondie just seems like a cool dude. As always ... wait and see.

Three-Letter-Man: we played phone tag today, might try to see him over the weekend.

AdMan: e-mail tennis still going on. The suspense is killing me.

I plan to be over this flu thing in the next day or two, then I'm back out there!


Cute Jewess said...

Sounds good on the guy front--and I hope you'll see a doctor for the elbow! (Altho if it's Adman tennis elbow, then it'll just disappear when you meet him, no?)

Loverville said...

That's very funny -- "AdMan tennis elbow"! Wish I'd thought of that one!

I've seen a doctor for it in the past -- it's the usual treatment, rest, ice, etc. And it's a bit better today... I was even able to brush my teeth with my left hand! Whoo hoo! (holding the very, very end of the toothbrush handle)

James said...

I don't know how you manage to juggle all those guys. And how do you manage to work out if you like any of them with 5 more knocking at the door? American dating all seems like very hard work! Good luck.

Loverville said...

Hi James,

It is hard work indeed! As far as the juggling -- you'd be surprised. Even though I'm in contact with a few guys, I have no dates set up for the foreseeable future, except Three-Letter-Guy, after Passover.

And I hate to generalize, but I've found that many NY guys are flaky. Even after many rounds of encouraging e-mails, you often end up never meeting. Go figure.