Thursday, April 12, 2007

A little bit drunk...

***note... I'm a bit tipsy, so forgive any misspellings, or just general not making sense!***

Just got in from a really fun night -- one of those nights that makes me realize I'm SO happy to live in NY!

My best friend and I celebrated her birthday -- I surprised her by taking her to what I had heard was one of the top sushi restaurants in the city. We did everything "right": sat at the sushi bar, got the omakase, chatted with the charming and friendly sushi chef, drank lots of sake.

After, went to the Meatpacking District -- I generally avoid this area (it's too much of an adult Disneyland -- too many people trying too hard to have a good time)... but on a Wednesday night, it was relatively mellow. Met a very fun group of adorable English guys here on holiday. Quite entertaining.

BF was exhausted, had to go home. On my way home, I passed the "restaurant of the minute" in my 'hood, decided to stop for a drink. I generally don't pop in to a bar on my own -- but I wanted to re-confirm a res for another friend's b-day there next week anyway.

Ordered a prosecco, talked to a very likeable couple at the bar who, it turns out, lives around the corner from me. While there, ran into the rather dishy chef, who I've met before. I pulled a high school stunt -- so silly, I can't believe I said it! -- I asked if he was single, that "my friend" wanted to know. (he is indeed single)

I know -- I should have just come out and asked if he wanted to go for a drink sometime... next time, I'll be more direct. I'm also thinking to myself: it's CRAZY to get involved with a chef! They have insane hours -- it's generally a seedy underbelly of a lifestyle. Read Kitchen Confidential for more info. But he's so cute...!

In other news: AdMan e-mailed today. Apologetic, work's been crazy, blah blah blah... but would still like to meet for a drink. I'm remaining skeptical til I have reason to believe otherwise.

And THIS should be entertaining: I signed up for SpeedDating this weekend! Stories to follow, for sure.


Cute Jewess said...

What a fun night! Good food and drink, cute brits, cute chefs. That's pretty hilarious about the "my friend" wants to know if you're single.

Drunk blogging is fun!

Louisa said...

Why is it crazy to get involved with a chef? Especially one that's working in a great place - so close to where you live! BTW don't believe everything you read. ;)

acaligurl said...

your posts are fun to read!!! (this from married 40 something cali gurl!!)

Loverville said...

CJ: the thing about drunk blogging is, I was correcting my own typos left and right! Funny, the original title read "a littel bit drunk"... I almost left it that way, to prove my point!

Louisa: hmm... I'm just concerned that he'd have one, MAYBE two nights off a week. The whole "opposite schedules" thing... but I might go for it anyway!

Cali: Thanks -- I like yours as well, I just have to de-lurk! Hope the haircut is starting to grow in!

Dating Trooper said...

I think we need to start a communal collection of drunk blogging! I am VERY impressed with your ability to go to a bar alone. I know I would meet so many more people (friends and dates) if I did that but something always keeps me from just opening the door, going in, sitting down and ordering a drink all by my lone, bad self. You've inspired me and I will give it a shot. Of course in San Diego it's a lot harder since I live within walking distance of every gay bar in the city, so getting in the car and driving there is a necessity.
Good work Loverville!

Anonymous said...

FYI: I lived with a chef for 4 years (just as roommies) and, he ultimately married a school teacher. So, if they can figure out the schedule,--there is a chance!!

I say: why not!?

londongirl said...

Well at least you know he's single!

You can pop by again another time...

James said...

Looking forward to the speeddating stories - I've quite enjoyed doing it and might go again soon.