Sunday, April 29, 2007

Saturday night out + Date #76

Isn't it funny how, when you're out having a few drinks -- the full impact of the drinking doesn't really hit you til you get home, away from the crowds, dimly lit bars, etc?

In my case -- now, at nearly 1:30 am -- I didn't even realize I had a buzz til just now, after I came home. And I didn't really drink that much, a glass of wine, some sangria.

Had a fun night out with Cute Jewess. We started at an uber-trendy local bar / restaurant, where I previously had a bit of a crush on the Cute Chef. Now? I think I've gone a bit lukewarm on him. I think he's way too caught up in that "scene", and I'm sure has lots of hot women hitting on him every night. Who wants to compete with that? Even CJ agreed -- it seemed like he was mainly interested in the fact that I had certain connections of interest to him. (that's not meant in a saucy context!)

OF COURSE we re-hashed our current dating situations! WTF is up with SS? (her guy) And will I have the patience to wait for a second date with AdMan? (my guy from last night) AND... I don't think she'll mind me mentioning this here: remember the FOF / Friend of the Family, who I had a first date with last week? She had a date with him a few months ago. And we also have another guy in common (CJ, OK to mention here?)...

For such a big city, New York can be a very small world indeed!

During the night, I had a few text exchanges with the cute Portuguese guy I met on Tuesday. Last I heard, he and his friends were going to some annoyingly crowded club in the Meatpacking District, did I want to meet up? By that time, I was done for the night. Boa viagem -- maybe I'll see you in Lisbon someday.
UPDATE: we met for coffee and a lovely walk the next day, and wrapped up the visit with some very nice smooching. OK -- NOW you can go home. I just decided that this counts as a date, since it was pre-arranged, and especially because there was kissing. So that makes this guy #76 in the past two years. (76 that I've DATED, not necessarily kissed)

Final note: CJ -- quite the maneuver, running for that taxi in those three-inch -- rather, FIVE-inch -- heels! Well done!

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Cute Jewess said...

I need to hear the end of the Portuguese story! And let's keep that other date-in-common between us, eh? ;-)

Girl, they were 5-inch platform heels! But nothing comes between a gal and the only available cab for blocks, right?

Much fun!!! xx