Sunday, April 8, 2007

Yum... and Monday blues

Last night I went to a friend's dinner party in Brooklyn -- "M" works for a major food magazine, and needless to say, she throws the most delicious dinner parties. I've been to a few of these parties, and I'm always impressed. The girl can COOK.

I also enjoy her parties because she has a very cool mixture of guests -- eclectic and erudite, and really fun.

There was quite a dishy guy there: cute, friendly, seemed smart. I was just starting to think how nice it would be to meet a guy through mutual friends -- til he mentioned his boyfriend. I have NO sense of Gaydar whatsoever!

In Today's Dating News:

Blondie: tentatively have a first date scheduled for tonight, but he wanted to wait til today to re-confirm. Hm. Not an auspicious beginning. I'm going to test out my new game plan, and NOT be the aggressor this time -- if he calls, fine, but if not, I'm not losing any sleep over him.

Foodie Man: blast from the (recent) past. After telling me over a week ago that he'd call me back "later that weekend" (then didn't), he e-mailed today to say he hoped I was feeling better, and maybe we could get together later in the week. Not only is this lazy and inconsiderate (dude, if you say you're going to call -- then call!), but I have to listen to my gut, and remember that I sensed that he had quite a negative personality. I thought he was quite hot at first, but this definitely makes him less attractive. He's out.

Three-Letter-Guy (TLG): talked a few times over the weekend -- he's not shy about phoning, that's for sure. Will get together sometime this coming weekend. He came on a bit strong on our first date, but he seems like a good guy (and has great lips...and is a good kisser), so he's worth a second date.

AdMan: A big case of WTF? Since my last e-mail suggesting a particular night to have a drink (after lots of playful e-mail banter) -- nada. I'm still disappointed, but am moving on.

Can you tell? I'm starting to get a bit disgusted and jaded with dating. I normally get a good laugh out of the failed dates, but every so often I'm hit with the awful reality that it is fricking HARD to meet someone that you gel with. And even if YOU think you gel, that's no guarantee that he's feeling the same way.

Online dating can be somewhat addictive -- it's like online shopping: "I'll take one NiceGuy, one Mike321, and what the hell -- the impulse buy by the register, NJDude!" It's also like a drug: you get a bit of a buzz when a cool guy e-mails you, or when you get a response from someone you've written to.

I've decided: less energy on these dates, more on friends, family, career, and finishing the three books that I've read half-way. Maybe I'll volunteer. Maybe take dance classes again, or language classes.

Onward and upward!


Cute Jewess said...

LV, your game plan sounds perfect!!! It's a cliche, but one I've found in the past is true, that when you stop looking hard, things fall into place.

'Course I'm not quite up to that stage myself ;)

acaligurl said...

damn i hate when the gaydar doesn't work!!