Thursday, May 17, 2007

Booze question

Question of the day: Okay, drinking experts... how is it that, after a few drinks – one can still feel relatively sober while still in the bar – and yet, you only realize that you’re quite soused once you’ve arrived home? Really, people – I’d love answers from you!

I’m not talking absolutely sloshed here – say, three glasses of wine, which is what I had last night while out with friends. But the soft lighting of the music-filled bar, compared to the bright light in my quiet apartment? That was enough to harsh my wine buzz, and get those bedspins started even before I hit the sack. What can I say, I’m a lightweight. A cheap drunk. A Two-Beer Betty.

Coming up over the next few days: a few first dates, then This Guy this weekend. Must keep it limited to one glass of wine per outing – especially for caloric reasons. The great Weight Loss Challenge is still on – only another pound and a half til I reach my initial 10-lb goal! Might go for another five after that.


Cute Jewess said...

More food = less drunk for sure.

coffeesnob said...

i've read this mystery story before. it turns out the liver did it.

you see, there's a time lag involved. you are drinking faster than the alochol can pass through stomach, into the blood stream, and finally into cerebral regions. result: you are not getting progressively drunk at the same speed you are drinking. it only catches up with you after you stop drinking. this is why tequila shots are diabolical. because they are released all at once, cumulatively, and whammo. next thing: where am i?

i do like that willy wonka drinking song from "family guy" though:
just one sip
and you slip
into a state
of pure inebriation...