Sunday, May 20, 2007

Weekend wrap-up

As you may have already surmised from my last post, I had a lovely, wonderful date with Adventure Dude. In a nutshell: dinner, drinks, more drinks, sitting closer, kissing, talking, more kissing, talking…

In total, it was a five-hour date that just flew by. Very giddy-making. Second date already planned for this week.

He mentioned something about this being such a great date, that he’s feeling compelled to take his Match profile down… I told him that it was important for us to take this slowly. (though secretly pleased that he’d say something like that… but only time will tell)

Now, for the latest news with “This Guy”:

While I just met This Guy a few weeks ago, there have been a few things that have been weighing in the back of my mind already – things that I haven’t mentioned here because I didn’t necessarily want to admit them to myself.

He’s not exactly a romantic sort. I would toss a few flirtatious lines in my e-mails, and his responses would be quite perfunctory. I joked about this with him, and he said that just wasn’t his preferred genre for flirting. Fair enough... but if you can't flirt back a little bit, meet me halfway? Hm.

He’s very involved in his career – while this is a good thing, he did mention early on (unsolicited) that he feels that he needs to “get his life on track” before he can think about getting married and having kids. While I’m certainly not looking to get married tomorrow, when a guy states that kind of thing early on? Consider yourself warned.

I really don’t get the impression that he’s “into” me. It feels more like a buddy situation, with things only getting intimate once we’re alone at my place.

With that in mind: we had plans for last night, and even before my great date with Adventure Dude, I felt that I needed to have a little chat with This Guy. For one – while I enjoyed sex with him last weekend, I felt that we jumped into it too quickly. The little battle between my hormones and my brain led to the former bitch-slapping the latter. I had temporarily forgotten – oh yeah, I DO like to have more of an emotional connection with a guy before jumping in the sack!

When I mentioned this to him (that we had moved too quickly – I left out such terms as “bitch-slapping”), he was receptive, and very respectful of my feelings. This was surprising – HE then brought up the “where do you see this going?” conversation. I had to be honest – we both have a lot of out-of-town travel coming up, so it's pretty much impossible for us to try to forge any sort of serious relationship right now -- but I'd still like to hang out, and take it day by day. He agreed that that seemed like the best plan.

I’m glad we discussed this, and am content with the situation right now. Now very curious to see what happens with Adventure Dude! As Dating Trooper reminded me of my own advice: just enjoy the moment!

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