Saturday, May 5, 2007

Date #77: Saturday Night Guy

Even if I didn't have This Guy from last night on my mind, I wouldn't have been into tonight's date, Saturday Night Guy. Nice enough guy, just not my type.

Which made me think: if I'd met This Guy via an online dating site, would we have clicked? With internet dating, there's so much pressure -- if you don't click in that first hour, forget it. I can barely remember how the casual chatting developed into attraction with TG (OK, blame the margaritas for that). I wasn't "boyfriend shopping", I was just enjoying being there. He just happened to be especially interesting... and cute.

Little side note about tonight's date with Saturday Guy -- days ago, we had decided that tonight we'd meet at a new wine bar that neither of us had been to. About an hour before the date, I checked a map, and saw that the bar was RIGHT around the corner from This Guy's apartment. Not a good way to start off, with TG possibly seeing me on a date with another guy, a mere 16 hours after leaving his apartment.

I needed a good excuse for changing the venue, so I called Saturday Guy and mentioned that since it was such a nice evening out, why didn't we go somewhere with outdoor seating? He agreed, and I suggested a bar that was a bit further away. After an hour or so, I mentioned how tired I was (true), and headed home.

This Guy and I made plans to get together tomorrow afternoon -- I hope that still happens, and that he doesn't succumb to the epidemic of the Date Cancellers.

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acaligurl said...

smart chicky! moving the venue!!!! can't let the guys cross paths.
(hee hee)