Monday, May 7, 2007

Date #78: This Guy

I'm happy to say that unlike two previous dates this week, This Guy (the one who I was really looking forward to seeing) not only did NOT cancel... we had the perfect day together!

It was a gorgeous day here in NYC -- we had an excellent brunch at an outdoor cafe, followed by a walk along the Hudson River. Engaging, easy conversation... some good smooching... best date I've had in a long, long time.

In case you couldn't tell - I really like him. While I really don't feel like dating other guys right now, a part of me feels that I "have to"... don't want to get my hopes up about him just yet. It just happens that I already have the week ahead pretty much scheduled -- plans with family and friends almost every night. Oh gee, what a shame -- no time for other dates. Wouldya just look at that...!

It’s a really good, warm, fuzzy feeling, this excited feeling over a new guy. At the same time – it’s scary. I almost don’t want to revel in these good vibes, just in case it doesn’t work out. Best Friend and I have had this conversation many times: I always insist that it’s GOOD to get excited, even if you’re let down later. At least you HAD the Good Feeling at one point, even if it’s followed by disappointment. Just have to wait and see. Times like this – I’m so impatient. I want to turn to that last page in the book, and see how it works out.

This Guy and I talked about grabbing a drink sometime later this week, but didn't set a specific day. I'm thinking a weekend night might be nice... perhaps followed by breakfast...

To borrow M’s expression: very watch-this-space! Thanks for the loan, M! And thank you even more for having the party where I met This Guy!


a&v said...

This is so great! *cue vicarious living*

Cute Jewess said...

Uncertainty does suck! But hopefully there are more great times ahead, right?!

Dating Trooper - Dating is Warfare said...

I always wish I had that magical Fast Forward button when I start seeing someone to find out how it all turns out (OK, so you are far more literate since you envision it as a book with pages, but it's the same idea). But then that presumes there is some predestined way it all is supposed to go. Do you believe that? I can't make up my mind. But that damn remote would certainly help calm us all down a bit wouldn't it?!
Oh, and enjoy that excited (and impatient) feeling any chance you can!
Dating Trooper

Loverville said...

Trooper: I'm not sure if I believe in "fate" either. Doesn't stop me from wanting to peek into the future either, like in so many movies, books and TV shows!

Thanks for thinking I'm literate... but do keep in mind, I did have a "Borat" mention in the blog a few days ago. I wish I knew about Tolstoy the way I know about "Sex and the City"!

Elise said...

Revel in the excitement feeling!
ohhh and if you find that dating reference website send it my way!

Butch said...

I wish I knew about Tolstoy the way I know about "Sex and the City"!

Great line!