Friday, May 25, 2007

Date #83: Super Foodie Guy

I broke a few of my dating rules tonight, and wound up regretting it.

Rule #1. For the first date, meet up for just a drink or coffee -- THEN if you hit it off and the urge strikes, MAYBE go for a bite from there. Why sit through an entire meal when you're just dying to dash out the back door? It's agony!

Rule #2. Try to have at least a half-hour phone conversation with the guy BEFORE agreeing to a date. It's been my experience that if I've had doubts about them over the phone, we never connect in person.

I was so impressed (via e-mail) by Super Foodie Guy's knowledge of food and travel that it seemed only fitting that we should meet at a cool foodie place. Because of our schedules, we only had a chance to talk on the phone briefly, and he seemed a bit too serious for me. Too late -- we had already agreed to meet, and it would have been awkward to back down.

I found out on the phone that he's not from the U.S. -- he's grown up in a few different countries. While I've been open in the past to dating guys from other countries (English, Irish, Brazilian, Israeli, South African, Australian, Peruvian) -- I've found from experience that I'm most likely to connect with American guys. Especially New Yorkers. Just the way it is.

Dinner was awkward -- I felt that he was a bit brusque with the waitstaff, despite his "worldliness". After we talked about our favorite travel and food spots, there were long lulls in the conversation. He asked if I wanted to go elsewhere for a drink or dessert -- I politely declined, stressing how tired I was. And that was that.


In other news: after 4 (or was it 5?) dates, I think I'm going to stop seeing This Guy. He's sweet, and we do have a good time together -- but I'm recognizing that we're very different people, and I just don't see us working out in the long run. I'm trying to be practical about my time -- as my mom would say, I'm not getting any younger! Rather than "just have fun" with him, I feel the need to focus my energies on someone with whom I could potentially envision a future.

On that note: two more dates this weekend -- Witty Banter (I'm especially looking forward to meeting him) and Younger Guy. Stay tuned!


jgo said...

Ooh the suspense. I like it. It's too bad to hear about "This guy." It went from such a high to a low. It's crazy how dating is like that. Every time I meet someone and its a big high, inevitably something goes wrong. It's so frustrating!

julia said...

I love your blog! I know you will find what you are looking for, one day, it will just happen.. and it is will be so easy (after YEARS of hard work!!) I think that is a great strategy about TG, if he is not the one, than move on. You can certainly have fun while looking, but keep you end goal in mind. If there is no real potential, than why bother?

Cute Jewess said...

I didn't know about This Guy! But good for you for listening to your gut.

acaligurl said...

i don't like when people treat wait people rudely, to sort of make them superior or something. go with your gut feeling on this guy!

r. partygirl said...

Those are good rules, which I should follow when I am ready to get more serious about dating.