Saturday, May 26, 2007

Date #84: Witty Banter

Just got in from a wonderful five-and-a-half-hour date with Witty Banter – it was everything a great first date should be: a mellow, fun dinner (OK, I broke my dinner rule yet again, but this time it was worth it!), followed by drinks at an outdoor bar, enjoying the perfect almost-summer evening. Engaging, interesting conversation. And eventually a bit of kissing.

I like WB... he's funny, witty, smart, cute... I just felt that we were on the same playing field. After last week’s supposedly great first date with Adventure Guy, I’m remaining cautious this time with WB. Have to keep in mind – even though I thought we had a great connection, who knows what’s going on in his head?

I'm just NOT going to let myself get too excited about him. One day at a time. We talked about getting together again sometime this week, but didn't set a day. So we’ll see what happens.

I’m NOT going to think about all the cool things we could do on our next date.
I’m NOT going to think about the great seafood place that I’d love to go to with him, where he hasn’t been, but has his favorite dish.
I’m NOT going to think how nice it felt when he put his hand on my back while kissing me.

No sirree… not going to think of any of those things, not at all…


mimi (sexagenarian and the city) said...

lv! in your last paragraph, when you list all the things you WON'T think about, you employ a classical figure of speech called OCCUPATIO. cicero does it in his orations, e.g. the In Verrem, in which he says things like, I shall not list all the statues he stole, how he stole the etc. etc and then itemizes them. you are in high rhetorical mode. very well done.

Loverville said...

Thanks Mimi... I had no idea I was being so literary. I like that!

Dating Trooper - Dating is Warfare said...

Glad it was a great date! Have fun "not thinking" about it ;-)
Maybe cicero has a distant, distant relative you could hook up with ??!
Can't wait to hear what happens....

londongirl said...

Well if you can NOT do any of those things then you are a stronger girl than I.

Good on you!

acaligurl said...

sounds like a great first date.
good luck with the "not thinking"
*wink wink*