Monday, May 28, 2007

Date #85: Hot Young Guy

Have to make this short and sweet – a beautiful day is beckoning, and I’ve already slept through a good chunk of it because I stayed out with Hot Young Guy til 3 am. (our first date: there was kissing -- but no further action)

In a nutshell – while I don’t see him as Serious Boyfriend material, I can certainly envision HYG as a Hot Summer Fling. Details to follow shortly!

In the meantime: the guy who I WOULD like to potentially become a boyfriend – Witty Banter – hasn’t called yet, after our lovely date a few nights ago. I know he was going away for the weekend, so hopefully I’ll hear from him soon.


a&v said...

We could all use a bit of HYG in our lives! I've got my fingers crossed for Witty Banter, though.

jgo said...

Nothing wrong with a good fling as long as both parties are on the same page. I wish I had a hot older woman for something like that ;-)