Sunday, May 20, 2007

I spoke too soon.

About an hour after I wrote my previous blog entry, I got a call from Adventure Dude. When I saw that it was him on my caller ID, that giddy feeling leapt up again.

Well – THAT didn’t last long – I certainly didn’t see this coming: he first apologized for the other night, saying that he may have had too much to drink, and may have been a bit too aggressive. I hadn’t thought that was the case at all – when he walked me home, he asked to come in – when I told him I didn’t think that was a good idea on the first date, he didn’t push the issue.

He then continued: while he'd had a very nice time, he didn’t think this was something he wanted to pursue. There was someone he had dated some time ago, and there are still “things going on” with that. And he’s going away this week -- he had initially said “with buddies” – but presumably, it could be with this other woman. Doesn’t really matter anyway.

I thanked him for his honesty, and wished him the very best. And that was that.

So yes, I’m a bit bummed, but I have to keep in mind: it could have been SO much worse. He could have strung me along, getting my hopes up.

Sigh. I’m so fucking sick of dating. It just gets more and more frustrating. I feel so stupid – I’m actually crying over this right now, not because of Adventure Dude. It’s just everything. I know I’ll be able to laugh at myself in an hour or so, and will buck back up. But at this very moment, I’m just annoyed, frustrated, confused, pissed, exhausted, drained.

Moving on.

UPDATE: a few hours later, feeling much more level-headed about this. Took a great class at the gym, and talked to a new guy, JK (he looks a bit like Jimmy Kimmel in his pics). We're going out tomorrow night. As always -- we'll see!


spicy hebrew national said...

I know exactly how you feel. It's constantly going on first date after first date where nothing clicks. Then you finally click with someone and you let yourself hope a little and then wham that doesn’t work out either. It can really get a girl down.

a&v said...

Well, damn! And he had to go and be one of those rare, "up front" guys, too.

Dating Trooper - Dating is Warfare said...

Well, you're right. At least he didn't waste your time and was up front before it moved ahead too far. But it just plain sucks anyway. You've got the right attitude though, let yourself feel down, sad for a little bit. Then take a deep breathe and move on. There's nothing wrong with feeling the sting for just a bit. This is hard freakin' work. Well ,that's why I call it warfare. Keep chugging along Trooper. We're rooting for you!

Anonymous said...

You mean you had a second date planned, and then he reneged??!!??

So, so sorry.

Assuming there really is a girl that "things" are "going on" with, she is no doubt tortured as much as you. He's an equal-opportunity slimeball!

jgo said...

This sucks, especially when you had aleady planned the next date.

I am glad to hear you didnt burn the bridge with This Guy yet. Why dont you see what happens with that?

Loverville said...

Thanks for all the comments, people... it really does make me feel better!

RE: Adventure Dude -- I really am fine now, there was just that momentary frustration. I truly believe that he did me a favor by severing ties this early, before there were any real feelings involved!

And yes -- This Guy will remain in the picture, though it's officially on a casual / day-by-day basis. It seems that we have limited time to see each other in the coming months. Who knows, maybe "slow and steady" really will win the race?