Friday, May 11, 2007

An inappropriate question?

Last night, I was at a bar with Best Friend, Dreena -- at one point, two guys were standing behind us, and I noticed that one of them was rather cute -- great smile. I'm a sucker for a good Colgate smile.

Cute Smile leans over to us, and says to D: "I know you from somewhere..."
D, point blank: "We had two dates about a year ago."

Oh! This is getting interesting! Yet again, in a city as big as New York it seems inevitable that you'll run into your past at some point.

I lean in, along with Cute Smile's friend (let's call him Average Joe)and we press them for details. Dreena shares with us all (and reminds Cute Smile) that he had asked an "inappropriate question" on their second date.

Apparently, he had asked her if she had ever kissed another woman. He explained that he didn't see it as inappropriate, since they were in a primarily gay section of the city, so the question fit the context. She felt that it was simply a bit too personal for a second date.

As they re-hashed the story, it was all very lighthearted, and we had a good laugh over it. Average Joe was especially delighted to have a good story to share with their buddies over dinner later in the evening. Before the guys left, we mentioned that we were planning to arrange a gathering of friends and acquaintances in the near future, and they were welcome to attend. So maybe we'll see them again, or maybe not.

Personally -- I didn't find his question that offensive. Then again: one, D is a bit more conservative than I am... and two, I wasn't there, so maybe in the moment, the question just truly was inappropriate.

Anyway -- D now has a boyfriend (who, I'm pretty sure, did NOT ask her about girl-on-girl kissing on the second date)... and if Cute Smile presented himself to me for a date? I'll be prepared to ask if he had ever participated in Hot Naked Yoga in Chelsea. Not that there's anything wrong with that...

Non sequitur: earlier in the evening, I had a drink elsewhere with friend A, and her friend C. C had a quick beer with us while her hubby took their year-old daughter to the store. She mentioned that the baby had just started walking, and likened it to a "drunken midget staggering on a boat on the open seas". I just found this description funny and had to share with you all. Or maybe it was the margaritas. No offense meant to any drunken midgets reading this -- sorry -- "little people".


This weekend: dates with This Guy (aka, Party Guy), as well as T-1000 (aka, German Guy). I've definitely come down from my TG High, which is a very good thing -- feet are firmly planted on the ground. Just looking forward to tomorrow's date. We'll see what happens from there. At this point, I don't foresee us having breakfast together the day after, but one never knows...


Cute Jewess said...

From what you've told me, breakfast the next day would not be that surprising! Have a great time!

SS and I somehow got to talking about girl-on-girl kissing on our second date. He thought every girl experiemented at some point. I informed him that no, not *every* girl has. I thought nothing of this convo except that it amused me! But yes, who knows the context of D's "inappropriate question."

jgo said...

How about the time this girl asked me how many people Ive slept with on a first date.

Loverville said...

JGO: I'm confused... what was her question? Was it:
"how many women have you slept with on a first date?"


On your first date, she asked "how many women have you slept with?" (period)

Regardless... I'd never ask that of a guy! No need to know. I don't want him asking me either.

jgo said...

The second one. She wanted to know what my number was, ie: how many people have I ever slept with. Crazy right! Though I havent exactly figured out when it is appropriate to ask that. Suggestions?

Loverville said...

Hard to say -- is that something that you feel is important to know about a person?

I'd rather know a bit about their past relationships... not every lurid detail, just enough to know that they've been able to commit, if there were any patterns, etc.

Butch said...

Hmmm... so what is the answer to the question, anyway?

I have never kissed another guy, unless you count dogs. And babies. And my grandpa.

I guess that's not as limited a circle as I thought it was.