Friday, May 4, 2007

It's an epidemic!

It's like one of those bad horror films -- an epidemic starts taking over a small town: "but little Timmy was feeling just fine yesterday!"

In this case, the epidemic is causing guys to cancel on dates left and right. Ask Cute Jewess -- she's seeing it as well! Maybe they're retreating to pods deep in the center of the earth, with an endless supply of chicken wings and TVs showing constant baseball and porn.

I started off the week with three dates planned -- now I'm down to one.

Last night JK cancelled about two hours before the date -- work was crazy. He left a message AND texted -- when I texted him back with "no problem, let's talk next week", he texted back immediately, thanking me for understanding.

Today, Thursday Guy (I haven't determined a good blog name for him yet) e-mailed in the early afternoon to cancel, saying he wasn't feeling well -- then left a message to make sure I got his e-mail, and could we re-schedule for next week?

I bear no grudge against either of them -- they both cancelled in the most polite way possible. And after last night's cancellation, I enjoyed a fabulous dinner with foodie friend M, so it turned out to be a lovely evening.

If Saturday Guy cancels? Then I'll know there's something in the air.


jgo said...

At least you guys have some testicles in the way they are cancelling but still, since when is two hours before ok? What if you never got the message? You would be just waiting there for them.

Loverville said...

In this case, I let him slide -- he left a message, then texted me to make sure I got the message -- when I texted him back, he knew I got his message.

You know what they say, let the first incident go. If it becomes a pattern, then you have a problem. I know what it's like to be so slammed with work that you can't get your head above water.

This is why I juggle guys, at least in the beginning -- if one cancels, you have backup troops.

Cute Jewess said...

Anyone who'd give up a night with one of us has to have good reason. We're fabulous!

Dating Trooper - Dating is Warfare said...

I think there is something going around, but it's getting to ME too! I have been wanting to cancel on McConaughey all week but don't want to be part of the epidemic and am forcing myself to go. I just keep chanting "sushi, sushi, sushi" to myself. So far that has been the only motivator to go tonight.
All in all, you're right about your two guys. At least they went out of their way to make sure you got their messages. Good luck on Saturday!