Saturday, May 5, 2007

The race is on!

Oh man... I'm so giddy, I don't know where to begin!

If you recall, earlier this week I wrote about a little challenge I devised for myself -- which will happen first, a) lose 10 lbs, or b) have some "sexytime" with a new guy? OK... it's not really a "challenge" -- they're just two things I'd really like to happen, and I think that accomplishing "a" will lead to greater self-esteem, which will lead to "b". Either way, I win.

Well -- I may be heading towards both of these goals, simultaneously -- and I'm VERY excited about both of them!

I think I'll keep you waiting for the really juicy stuff. But this is pretty thrilling for me: as of today, I'm down to 134.4 (from 142.8) -- a loss of 8.4 lbs in the past 5 weeks! (I was shooting for a pound a week) Somehow, I lost 4 pounds this past week alone. However -- I think some of that may be due to the fact that I didn't eat much yesterday, AND drank quite a bit last night (maybe dehydrated?). Whatever -- I'll take it! Am feeling a bit slimmer, and more confident already.

I know -- you're thinking, get to the good stuff already!

So -- last night food writer friend M had one of her kick-ass parties - this time she really outdid herself (so a big shout-out to Shmutti Weber, if you're reading this!!). Homemade EVERYTHING: tamales (she worked on them all week), tomatillo salsa, spicy chocolate cookies, chorizo, guacamole... the girl is unstoppable.

She had live music -- a four-piece jazz band. Who does that??! And the crowd -- fun, lively, international, intellectual. Best party I've been to in a long, long time.

And then there was This Guy -- we started chatting next to the margarita table. I got tipsy a bit early in the party thanks to the muy fuerte margaritas made by M's brother A. Actually, the early part of the evening is a bit of a blur. I wasn't sloppy drunk, just a bit... jolly.

So I'm not sure exactly what This Guy and I talked about early on, or how the flirting started. I am happy that I stopped drinking, and my "jolly" drunkenness had been downgraded to merely "tipsy" when TG and I decided to leave together. The kissing started in the taxi as we went over the Brooklyn Bridge -- very romantic (his words). Neither of us wanted to drink more, so we wound up back at his place.

While there was no "sexytime" in the Borat sense of the word, it was still a very sexy time indeed. Under that intellectual (but still cute) exterior, TG hid one hot, life-long-athletics body. Having that kind of intimacy after a three-month dry spell felt, well, -- pretty amazing.

He asked me to stay over, but I thought that was better saved for another time. He walked me to a taxi, and I got home after 4 am.

I must admit -- I'm a bit intimidated (yet turned on) by his intellect. I can't go into details what he does for a living, but let's just say: this is one smart fella. I'm not doubting myself -- we're just knowledgeable about different fields.

We made plans for tomorrow. While I know better than to get TOO optimistic about a guy this early on -- I have a good feeling about him. It just feels different than all those anonymous online dates I've been on. It's more organic. We'll just have to see where this leads -- but for today, I have a big, goofy smile on my face.

Yet -- I have a date with someone else tonight. Let's just call him "Saturday" for now. I'm so excited about This Guy from last night, I'm not really in the mood to see Saturday tonight. But as I'm always preaching to my other online-dating friends: don't keep all your eggs in one basket. So I'm taking my eggs out with Mr. Saturday Night tonight... but am especially looking forward to seeing This Guy again tomorrow.


londongirl said...

Ooooooooh sounds like it's all going really well for you.

I could do with losing a few pounds right now. And I'm very envious of your sexy time (but not sexytime - good on you for holding back) with The Guy!

a&v said...

How delish! I love Intellect--so sexy! And add to that an athletic body? I'm envious--but very happy for you. :)

Elise said...

love the borat reference! :)

Dating Trooper - Dating is Warfare said...

Way to go! Gotta love a smart guy with a nice body..keeps you stimulated on oh so many levels. I'd say you had an excellent weekend and good to see you are taking your own advice! Scatter those eggs like the Easter Bunny girl!