Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Shoes, booze and ... dudes


Don't say I didn't warn you...
Lately, work has been nice and quiet -- when it's busy, I can easily be there til 10, 11 pm. But it's been quite mellow of late, which is definitely a boon to my social life.

Last night I went with old friend L to the opening of her friend's new bar-restaurant -- nothing like free food and booze to attract a crowd. It's been ages since I've met a guy in a real-life, non-online situation, so this night I gave it my best effort. (I'm not counting Portuguese Dish, since he was only here for a week).

After about ten minutes of chatting, Cute Long-Haired guy had to go "find his friends" (was that a wedding ring on that finger... or just a big, funky band?). Then a nice conversation with Hoboken Guy. After we started talking about upcoming trips, he casually mentioned his trip to Italy next month with his girlfriend. Next!

Really... they should wear labels: "single and looking!"... "only looking for one night stand"... "just divorced and on the rebound"!

Then there was the hottie I planted myself across on the subway... he got off at my stop. Good sign, you might think? Probably not -- I live in a neighborhood with a large gay population. Ah well... I enjoyed ogling him in my tipsy state.
Tonight: I attended the opening of a new dessert bar with food writer friend M, with plans afterwards for a first date with JK (initials of a celebrity he resembles in his picture). As I was in a taxi to meet M, I got a voice message from JK -- very sorry, work was hectic and he had to cancel. WHat's going on that's making guys cancel on dates left and right these days?? He followed this with a text, and sounded appropriately apologetic -- so we'll see what happens as far as re-scheduling. I have a busy week ahead of me, so maybe next week?

The dessert bar was sugar-high delicious -- M and I followed it up with dinner at a nearby Italian restaurant. I learned from her that fava beans are in season in Italy right now -- did you know that? She always amazes me with her food knowledge.
Feeling kinda cute in my "springtime date" outfit - skirt, high heels, etc -- as I was on my way home, I almost popped into nearby Trendy Restaurant, where I've had an ongoing flirtation with the Cute Chef. I think he's annoyed with me -- last week, we made tentative plans for lunch a few days later, and then proceeded to flake on each other. Here's what transpired:

By about 12-ish on the planned day I still hadn't heard from him, so I gave him a call (he can be a bit well, forgetful).
Cute Chef: I'm sorry -- I'd forgotten that I had this project this morning -- can we meet around 2?
Me: No problem.
However -- it was a GORGEOUS day out, probably the only good day for biking all week. He called back just before 2, asking where I'd like to meet.
Me: Actually -- I'd really like to get in a bike ride -- can we meet for a drink later today?
CC: No problem -- call me when you get in. Enjoy.

I called later that afternoon. Left a message. No reply.

Coming home tonight, I quickly decided against popping in to see him. Probably best to give it another week or so, then next time I'm there mention casually, "hey, sorry we didn't have a chance to connect last week.". At this point, I've given up on him as a romantic interest... but I'd still like to stay in touch -- just in case...

Another reason for not stopping in to see CC: my feet were hurting -- I'm not much of a shopper, but went on a spring shoe-buying binge today and yesterday: three new pairs of hot, high-heeled, sexy shoes. And now I have some new knee pain to go with my new shoes.

Up ahead this week and weekend: dates with newbies (that is, if they don't cancel)! Party with CJ! Maybe some hotties at the party? I'll try not to hit on the gay guys this time...!


Cute Jewess said...

Fun times!
I'm *still* waiting for confirmation from SS. SIGH SIGH.

Butch said...

How goes the race?

Loverville said...

Thanks for asking -- I think they're about neck and neck... rather, both stagnant at the start line.

I've been doing too much partying this week to have lost weight. And since two dates have cancelled on me this week, I'm no closer to THAT goal!

In time...

mimi of sexagenarian & the city said...

they should wear're so right -- and have you ever had the experience of flirting w. a man & then discovering that he's a (catholic) priest?!? i've had that bizarre experience, as have a couple of my friends -- they should wear COLLARS at all times!
but they then wouldn't get to flirt...and they enjoy it...but it's Not Fair.