Saturday, May 12, 2007

We have a winner!

If you recall, a few weeks ago I wrote that I was creating a challenge for myself: which did I think would happen first: losing 10 lbs, or sleeping with someone? I thought for sure it would be the weight loss -- surely I'd lose 10, maybe 15, pounds before I met a guy I liked enough to sleep with.

Well, folks, let me put it this way -- as of today, I'm down 8.4 lbs (same weight as last week).

Which means the winner is: yes, indeed! We "did the deed". I "got lucky". There was some "horizontal mambo". Any other euphemisms you care to share?

After feeling very attracted to This Guy last weekend, I sensed that I'd feel comfortable enough with him to sleep with him on our next date. I'm sure you don't want all the details (mainly, because I won't give them) -- but let's just say it was very, very good. I'm a happy woman today, and looking forward to more, well... happiness.

Still feeling grounded about him -- not quite the giddiness that I initially felt, but this is better -- I feel that I have more control of my emotions.

Part of my effort to stay grounded and not focus on just one guy (for now) means that I'll still be dating other guys. Not sleeping with anyone else, mind you. But if recent patterns continue, these will be first dates that don't progress to a second. Just enough to keep me distracted.

Another reason I don't want to focus entirely on This Guy right now is that we have semi-conflicting work schedules -- our next date isn't for another week. I'm one impatient person, and without the proper distractions, I would drive myself crazy.

So there you have it. Dinner AND breakfast (with a bit of dessert in between).

Happy Saturday!


a&v said...

Congratulations!! Waiting a week will be torture, won't it? Anyway, go you!

Loverville said...

Thanks! I'm already planning to keep very busy this week, but trust me... looking forward to more nookie!

r. partygirl said...

Congrats on the weight loss, that's so awesome! (I've been letting myself go & have done some backsliding but you have inspired me to get back on track.) & of course on getting laid but I think it's more appropriate to congratulate the very lucky guy!

r. partygirl said...

So you said that you will continue dating other guys as part of your effort to not focus on one. I said the same thing when things picked up with this guy, but I wonder does that work? Like really work? Or is it just a temporary distraction?

Loverville said...

In this early stage with "This Guy", if I didn't have other guys to focus on, I'd certainly drive myself crazy waiting til the next time I'd see him.

Sure, I could focus my energies elsewhere (more productively)... dive deeper into my work... volunteer at a soup kitchen... catch up on the classics... but "guy distraction" is just so different, isn't it?

Also (and I HATE that I have to think about this)... I'm in my mid-30s, and I do have to consider that I'd like to find someone to possibly marry, possibly have kids with. Have to be as efficient with this as possible. I wish I could just meet a guy, date JUST him for X amount of time til we get to know each other... but I just don't have that kind of time. Tick, tick...

So getting to know a few guys at once seems to be the best plan for now, knowing that as we get to know one another, one of us may slip by the wayside. (shrink discussed / approved!)

Saying that... I realize it could still take YEARS (if ever) for me to meet a guy who I'd want to start a family with... I'm open to adoption, luckily!