Thursday, June 21, 2007

Date #50, Redux -- Mr. Flashback

Had drinks with Mr. Flashback tonight -- and while we were out, I had this particular flashback: I recall thinking the last time that he was only semi-cute from the front -- and yet, he's VERY dashing from the side! Cute Jewess suggested that I say things to make him look to the side as often as possible. I’m thinking “Is that Angelina Jolie?!” might just do the trick, but that would only work once or twice before he’d start questioning my sanity (or my eyesight).

I was on the fence about him when we went out that one time about six months ago -- there was no second date at that time because I started seeing someone else. Mr. Flashback contacted me again recently after seeing that I was active on Match.

I’m still on the fence – but tonight wasn’t a good date night for me anyway. I had a festive night out with friends last night, and didn’t get enough sleep – tonight I wasn’t feeling 100%.

After drinks, we had a peck on the cheek goodnight (meanwhile, last time we had a little make-out session in his car... I wasn't quite ready for that tonight), and talked about getting together again next week. I'd give him another shot -- I'm kind of neutral about him right now, which my therapist says is a good place to be, on the grounds that it’s better not to have expectations.

And yet – I LIKE that giddy feeling, when you’re excited about someone! It’s a wonderful high. Granted, too often I get excited about the "idea" of a great-sounding guy based on his profile and e-mails. But you know what? What's so bad about being giddy and happy, even if it's temporary? Just need that happy medium. Excited, yet grounded.

On another note: the latest issue of SELF magazine has a cover story promising “Gratifying sex! Have it tonight!”. I immediately turned to the story, and was disappointed to discover that they assume you already HAVE a willing partner. Oh.

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Cute Jewess said...

Ha to that last part!!

Ya know, I consider the giddy part the "crush" stage. And it's FUN to have a crush. Then, once you actually start seeing a guy, getting to know him, etc., it can evolve into something else.

But I don't think there's much wrong with having a crush, virtual or no. You're not a nutbag--you *know* the guy's only an idea until you meet him. So enjoy the idea--why not?