Friday, June 22, 2007

Supreme Dickwad / Date #89: Nearby Guy

Remember Hot Young Guy? His new name is Supreme Dickwad Number One, and he is officially OUT of the picture. Long story short: we got into a silly text-message spat today, which ended with him telling me “you’ll die single”. Ouch! How bitter and mean!

It put me in a bad mood for the rest of the day. I know that only an immature oaf would say something like that, and I should just let this roll off me, but still – it struck a chord. Maybe it’s the PMS, but I’ve been feeling quite lonely these days. (I’m not trying to work the stereotype – I really do get a bit emotional this time of month). Last week I went to a work party, and it felt as though everyone was there with a significant other. I had a hard time enjoying myself because the loneliness just felt so palpable.

I should be happy that I had yet another first date tonight, this time with Nearby Guy – but I’m feeling quite the opposite. It’s frustrating that I had yet ANOTHER first date that will not lead to a relationship. NG was certainly nice enough, but I just didn’t feel that “click”. I’m all about giving someone a chance, but when you leave the date thinking that you could never imagine yourself kissing the person? That says a lot.

Coming home from the date, however, I got a little lift: walking in the opposite direction, towards me, was a young guy sporting the “Jesus” look – longish hair, full beard. As we approached each other, I found myself thinking he was probably quite cute under all that hair. When we passed one another, he lifted his hand up in a little wave, smiled, and kept going. I returned the gesture, and we both continued in our respective directions. I don’t know why – it just struck me as one of those inexplicably sweet moments. Even thinking about it now, an hour later, is putting a smile on my face.
I guess it’s a good thing that work is starting to get incredibly hectic. I’m going to be traveling a lot for work this summer, which will severely limit my social life, especially dating. On one hand, this is a good thing – I can try to lose myself in work for a little while. But I know myself, and I know what my thoughts will drift towards as I’m alone in bed at night, trying to fall asleep.


sexagenarian and the city said...

supreme dickwad is going to die divorced 4 or 5x (brilliant name...).

Dating Trooper - Dating is Warfare said...

Sorry you are feeling down, LV. I know that feeling of palpabale sucks. But it passes. Cherish those small moments of sweetness. Hey, maybe it WAS Jesus coming to cheer you up? tee,hee. Supreme Dickwad indeed...chin up!

Anonymous said...

What a jerk that guy is.

I totally understand the feeling of endless first meetings (I don't call them dates, because a date is after you have met and know you want to get together), each one going nowhere. Sorry you are feeling so sad about this. So am I.

a&v said...

Oomph. I totally understand. Am in a similar frame of mind on a monthly basis, dammit. And Supreme Dickwad? What an ass! How on earth did he manage to type such a stellar text?

Heather said...

Found your blog by way of CJ-definitely sparked interest with all your adventures together!

What a jerk-you certainly don't need that.

Sorry that your date didn't send sparks flying-but at least you're giving a guy a chance.

Try not to get yourself too down-I can't imagine what it's like going on dates that end up going nowhere-but you're on a path that will lead you with someone special! Don't give up!!!


Single Girl said...

I agree with sexagenarian - supreme dickwad will definitely die alone and even more bitter than he is now. Yuck!

I love moments like the one you had with the "jesus" guy. Funny how little things like that can make you smile and feel better.