Sunday, June 10, 2007


I’m officially in the midst of a dating dry spell. I don’t have any dates lined up in the near future – quite unusual for me. See – and all my friends know this – I’m a planner. I like to have my full week mapped out in front of me. I’m happy that this week is filled with plans with friends, a work party, an outing with my biking group – not a whole lot of free time for dates.

Yet – I miss the feeling of anticipation, of getting excited about someone new. But these days, I’m also wary of that feeling. The last time I felt that was with Witty Banter, and unfortunately, he didn’t work out. (as in, he never called back) My resolve to "absolutely not think" about him didn't go very far.

New Plan: in the spirit of strappy summer dresses and mojitos, I’m hoping to have a sexy fling with Hot Young Guy. Since we last saw each other two weeks ago, we’ve had a few flirtatious exchanges of texts and e-mails, but he doesn’t seem to be making much of an effort to get together. I suspect he has his share of other flings, which doesn’t bother me – as long as we can plan at least one hot, sexy night together. Soon, I hope.

Oh! On my date with Oafish Adam the other night, not only did I meet this Really Cool Couple, but I fell deeply in like with the bartender. He was adorable, sweet, charming… and knew his wine. Of course, there’s a good chance that every other female customer (and many of the male ones) will feel the same way.


Cute Jewess said...

Great/friendly bartenders always make a place more fun!

Enjoy the lull. Things will be super busy again soon, so take this quality time for yourself. Cliched (oy!) but hopefully true :)

Witty Banter obviously went on board the STUPID CRUISE, where all the men go when they don't realize their best option's right in front of their stupid eyes. He's there with--jeez, how many others? I suspect they all take turns being cruise director.

londongirl said...

Well I have lots of dates lined up but sadly no excitement about any of them. bleh indeed.