Monday, June 4, 2007

The Party

As Cute Jewess already reported – it was quite a lively party last night! The booze was flowing, and it was a fun, mixed crowd. I must admit – I have the hots for the guy who hosted the party – let’s call him Smiley. He’s a relatively new acquaintance, and via e-mail I subtly suggested that we go for a drink – but he didn’t take the bait, so now I think we’re in the Friend Zone. Who knows, maybe once we get to know each other a bit better…?

As CJ mentioned, it was a long, boozy night with lots of drinking – I think we both managed to stay “fun” tipsy without getting sloppy drunk. We were at this party for about 5 hours, and witnessed many guests coming and going. Somehow, throughout the course of the night, I exchanged numbers with three guys:

Guy #1: Israeli Guy
Guy #2: Downtown Dude
Guy #3: Sweet Tall Guy (aka Jackpot Guy on CJ’s blog)

I met Sweet Tall Guy during the last hour or so at the party – by this point, it was about 2 am, and the party was winding down. He seemed quite enthusiastic about me immediately, but I have a feeling it was because I was one of the few single women left in the room. Not trying to be disparaging – I’m just saying.

He walked me home, and we had some very nice kisses en route – when we reached my building, we kissed a bit more. He’s over a foot taller than me – a bit too tall for my liking. He asked to come inside, I told him maybe another time. He asked if we could get together “tomorrow night”, suggested a few places for us to go – and surprise, surprise, I never heard from him today. Just as well. Will I hear from him again? Who knows. Don’t really care.

What’s that expression? Something like, the candle that burns the brightest / fastest also burns out the quickest. I’ve encountered a few guys like that lately – they come on strong, then disappear just as quickly.

So – Sweet Tall Guy never called today, but Guy #1, Israeli Guy, texted and we made plans for drinks for this evening. I later texted back to cancel – had some work I needed to do from home, and I just wasn’t in the mood to deal with getting into “date mode”: makeup, the right outfit, etc.

I suggested to him via text that we get together another night this week, perhaps Wednesday?

His response, also via text: “I can’t plan that far ahead – 3 hours was challenging as is – but let’s touch base and play it by ear.”

AH. He’s that guy. We’ve all met him – Mr. Spontaneous / Can’t Make Plans Just in Case Something Better Comes Along. No thanks. I’ll save both of us the trouble.

UPDATE on Witty Banter, who I was very excited about last week: I e-mailed him 5 days after our date, and he wrote back saying he was swamped with work, but would call once he's less stressed. I gave it one last effort (yes, I know, I shouldn't have) -- left him a message over the weekend. Never heard back.

I know -- it's plain as day. He's just not that into me. Grrr.

Moving on... !


acaligurl said...

i like your response to mr. israeli guy,"No thanks. I’ll save both of us the trouble." perfectly said. happy monday.

jgo said...

Frustration can go both ways. I have been emailing with this jdate girl who gave me her number. I called and left a message. Since then we've exchanged a few emails where she has said three times shes gonna call me back (she was supposed to call on both saturday and sunday) and then nothing. Guess shes a little too busy or shes just not that into me. It can go the otherway too.

But I agree that its best to avoid the people who cant plan in advance at all and are always looking for something better.

Sounds like a great party though. I havent ever collected three numbers at one party. I am quite impressed!

Sanani said...

I must say, you get smoochy a LOT. I very rarely smooch if I'm not really interested. CJ says you're a social butterfly... I wonder if you aren't accidentally sending out a "fun girl" vibe.

Maybe I'm just bitter. :-)

Cute Jewess said...

Sigh. Jackpot needs to come back so I can double date with his friend.

Hmmm, that sounded mighty selfish, now didn't it? It's those "idea" guys. They get you imagining...

jgo said...

Do you really see a height difference as such a big deal? I am dating a girl who is a foot shorter than me and so far it's working out.

Anonymous said...

what about downtown dude?

a&v said...

Grrr about Witty Banter! And Israeli Guy? I hate it when guys pull that "I'm so busy I can't think ahead" crap. We're too fabulous to put up with that! So, yes, your response was perfect.

Loverville said...

Sanani: I think I'm going through a phase, much like freshman year of college. True -- I have gotten smoochy quite a bit lately. Sometimes it's because I really like the guy, other times it's just for fun. Very rarely goes beyond smooching, tho.

JGO: re, the height -- everyone is different. I have friends who just love the super-tall guys. Me? I'm 5'4", and find that about 5'10" is the perfect guy height for me. Everyone has their preferences.

Anon: haven't heard from Downtown Dude. There was one slightly awkward "overlap" moment at the party where I was talking in a group with both Sweet Tall Guy AND Downtown Dude. I quickly made excuses to head off to the bathroom, get a drink, etc.

If this makes me sound like a player -- trust me, I'm really not.

Anonymous said...

I love reading the blog but can't help feeling annoyed at these guys. "Can't plan that far in advance"? what a load of you know what. Sweet (or was it cute) tall guy-I agree with the theory he has a girlfriend but also think he was trying to sound really convincing making f/u plans just to get past the front door. Who knows? We can't get into other peoples heads, right?

Anonymous said...

PS- when am I going to figure out how to post a comment as Mo and not also be anonymous? ha ha