Friday, June 29, 2007

Tag, you're it.

My first meme, tagged by London Girl! Four things about Loverville:

Four jobs I've had:
* ladies room attendant in a nightclub
* information desk assistant in college
* intern for a candidate for Manhattan Borough President
* scooper in a Haagen-Dazs shop (gained 5 lbs immediately)

Four films that I can watch repeatedly -- actually, I'm more likely to watch TV, so I'll list those:
* Arrested Development
* Sex and the City
* the Simpsons
* OK, one movie... Annie Hall

Four places in which I have lived:
* the Bronx
* Dublin, Ireland
* London, England
* Long Island

Four places I've been on vacation:
* Trinidad & Tobago
* India
* Honduras
* Vermont

Four sites that I visit daily (other than blogs):
* NY Times
* NY Magazine
* Google
* eGullet

Four of my favorite dishes:
* NY pizza
* chicken tikka masala
* felafel
* the gnudi at the Spotted Pig

Four people that I am tagging:
* Cute Jewess
* A Cali Gurl
* Dating is Warfare
* Amore & Vino


Cute Jewess said...

Sorry, kid! I was tagged for something similiar and did it a few months ago--but that was before I became more cagey about personal details :)

a&v said...

Yay I'm tagged! I think your four jobs are way more interesting than what I've done ... I loved Arrested Dev. and SATC! (and can definitely watch them over and over)

Single Girl said...

My very first job was a scooper at a Haagen Dazs too! So funny!