Thursday, June 14, 2007

This week in Loverville's Dating News...

Nothing lately in terms of proper “action”… but a few interesting updates:

Oafish Adam: What a shock – a few days after our ridiculous date he e-mailed me: “Hi [LV]. After the alcohol wore off I realized that I was a little inappropriate which I apologize for. I don't know if we are a match, but you are a truly a lovely woman who deserves a lot.”

He’s right – we’re absolutely not a match – but I accepted his apology, and moved him to the NO, THANKS folder.

Witty Banter: After our seemingly lovely date nearly three weeks ago, he e-mailed once (a few days later), then disappeared. I was disappointed, but eventually resigned myself to the fact that just because I thought it was a great date, doesn’t mean HE felt the same way.

Lo and behold – with all my NOT thinking / talking / blogging about him, his ears must have been ringing. He wrote to me a few days ago with what sounded like a very sincere apology for having been out of touch, and he hoped we could get together again. In the back and forth of trying to sort out a date for the weekend, he appears to have dropped the ball… again. *Sigh* Back to “not thinking about him (no sirreee, Bob)” for now, til I have reason to believe otherwise.

Hot Young Guy: just more talk (via very flirty e-mails and text messages), no action -- and no solid plans to get together any time soon. Eh, what do I expect from someone who I never intended to be more than a fling anyway.

This Guy: remember him? I kinda do. Last I wrote, I was planning on ending it with him, since I didn’t see a future. Well – it pretty much ended itself. I never heard from him again – just as well.

Nearby Guy: lives right near my office. After several e-mails, we talked on the phone for the first time last night – I believe I came off sounding like a complete imbecile. I hadn’t slept well for the previous two nights, and was exhausted and loopy – definitely not the best state for making a good first impression. He’s heading out of town for a week, so I’ll just have to see if I made a decent enough impression for him to call me again when he’s back.

Mr. Flashback: so named for two reasons: one, we had one date about six months ago, a half-decent, “maybe” date. But then I started seeing someone else, so there was no second date. He just wrote to me again this week, out of the blue, after seeing that I was once again active on Match. I’ve agreed to go out with him again, maybe this weekend.

The second reason he’s Mr. Flashback: he picked me up for that one date in his car, which happened to be the Exact. Same. Car. that my ex had – a rather unique European car. My ex picked me up from work every Friday for four years, and we went off to his place in Suburbia for the weekend – as our relationship worsened, I grew to loathe suburbia more and more.

So you can imagine the wave of emotions that came flooding back when I sat down in the passenger seat of Mr. Flashback's car! Saying that… I’m curious to see what a second date would be like.


Cute Jewess said...

Ha. From what little absolutes I know about guys, I'm thinking any words about Flashback's car would have to be along the lines of "Oh, it's so big!" "Your car's so hot!" "Can I touch it?"

Loverville said...

Ha! No, in this case it was more like, "Ack, I'm having flashbacks of being with my ex! Can't we just take a cab??"

londongirl said...

well young lady I certainly wouldn't describe any part of that as a dry spell. I dread to think what your flood spells are like!

Loverville said...

It only sounds like there's a lot going on with these guys -- it's really just lots of talk / e-mails, not much face-to-face action!