Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Date #94: Scooter

Scooter was so promising at first – he was very much a “good on paper” kind of guy. We met for a late drink, and after only an hour he mentioned that it was getting late for him. I got it. We walked outside, he kissed me on the cheek goodnight, and I think he said "I'll talk to you soon".

Here’s the clincher -- he then took off on his scooter while I stood there looking for a cab. NOT cool, dude. You know you're going on a date with someone who lives in your neighborhood? Bring the extra helmet, offer her a ride home. At least wait with her while she hails a taxi. He did neither. Asshat.

In other dating news: got a message from Smiles – he said he had a lovely time with me over the weekend, and while he had hoped to get together before my vacation, he didn’t think there would be time. No problem. I actually wouldn’t have had time to see him anyway.

And I got an e-mail from UN, saying he was looking forward to getting together after my trip – that made me smile.


sexagenarian and the city said...

lv, scooter is a common & irritating type. i'm reminded of the one matchmaker-date i had, described in post of 21 may ('the blog-conscious date'), in which something similar happened to me:
'He asked how I was getting home, and when I told him which subway I was taking, he said enthusiastically, ‘Good idea!’, as if it had been genius to figure out where the closest stop on the 6-train was. We were only two blocks from the stop, and it might have been polite, around 10:30 at night with a fairly empty Lexington Avenue, to have walked me there, but that courtly gesture never seemed to have occurred to him.'
good riddance to scooter.
UN, on the other hand, sounds very promising.

pt said...

Well, both of you, I can top that.

With one guy, after our pizza date, we were both heading downtown, so I said "which way are you going?" That way, I would know how I could most easily plan my departure. I figured I would walk with him to the corner and then turn off. This neanderthal beat me to it by hailing a cab and was in such haste to get in that he pushed a fellow cab-hailer -- a pregnant woman! -- out of the way. I had to apologize to her.

Anonymous said...

Lest you think that we're all skunks in this parting/transportation regard, I've gone so far to the opposite extreme that most would find it pathetic... I was on a blind date with someone whom I was sure no connection existed (or would), yet still convincingly insisted upon driving her to Queens from midtown, even though I lived in NJ at the time. Sure, it was over and above, but I felt as if I should err on the side of caution.

On another recent date, as we left the restaurant, she indicated that she needed to catch a cab at some point to which I pounced into action and got a cab immediately. Stupid me; those words "at some point" might have meant that we could have walked a bit and maybe smooched. She's agreed to date #2, so hopefully I'll be a little more patient this time!

In any event, I just can't accept the fact that common decency doesn't prevail when reading about your collective experiences with my less-than-decent brethren. You don't have to love every date you're on, but just because there's no instant click doesn't mean that it's an excuse to be rude or avoid any semblance of chivalry.

Okay, I'm stepping off the soapbox.


londongirl said...

Scooter sounds familiar - I had a dull date in a distinctly dodgy area with a guy and he left me on the street corner, with no cab, while he walked home. NOT gentlemanly behaviour.

Heather said...

Woo hoo!! :)

Scooter-EWWW! What a horrible guy. RUDE!

Smiles and UN sound promising though! Yes, go with the flow! And enjoy yourself.

Have a great vacation!!

sexagenarian and the city said...

well, whatever other good qualities he may lack, scooter is obviously Great Material!

Michelle said...

Indeed! I'd think I'll fall in love faster and better with Suzuki scooters than a guy like that.

Cute Jewess said...

Yay for UN, by the way, who seems quite the opposite!!