Saturday, July 7, 2007

Looking forward to more smiles with Smiles

I’m getting ready for my third date with Smiles – we’re planning a day-into-evening date today. I have a good feeling about this guy – it’s been a long time since I’ve felt this way. I have to keep reminding myself: Simmer down, girl! You’ve only known him a week!

Maybe this is a cliché, but it feels like so much longer – we’ve talked and e-mailed and texted between our dates. There have been a few little moments that made my heart go pitter-patter: he knew I was going to have a tough day at work yesterday, and he texted me in the morning to wish me good luck. When he picked me up for our second date the other day, he told me how beautiful I looked. (that’s especially meaningful: my last semi-boyfriend, last summer’s Bike Racing Guy, NEVER said anything along those lines, a huge source of contention). Smiles actually compliments me quite frequently – and I think he’s quite dreamy-looking as well.

I have to make a decision about this: I was supposed to have a date last night with a new guy, H – this was planned before I even met Smiles. I cancelled the day before because something came up at work (really!), but said we’d talk early next week to re-schedule.

So – do I give this other guy a shot? After all, it’s still early with Smiles, don’t keep your eggs in one basket, and all that. OR… tell him I’ve met someone and would like to see where it goes? OR just procrastinate, and tell him I’m swamped with work this week, or some other excuse like that… and buy a little more time while I get to know Smiles?

You know how they say to go with your gut (whoever “they” are). My gut (and the rest of me) doesn’t want to see anyone else right now. My gut doesn’t want to sit through yet another interview of a first date. My gut wants to cancel the online dating memberships and pack away the notebooks that remind me the little details about each guy.

But then my head (which overrides the gut) says – just go on today’s date with Smiles. Just enjoy it. Don’t overthink this.

For now – head wins. But my gut will surely make a re-appearance very soon. (better cut down on the pizza)


Happy 7-7-07!


Single Girl said...

I say to postpone the date with the other guy and see what happens with Smiles. Can't wait to hear how things go! It's great when a guy just automatically gives you compliments and reassurance and you don't have to ask for it, that's the best!

molly said...

I would not go on another date when I am into someone... just put him off indefintely. Everything sounds great with Smiles. Here is my advice, no intimacy (sex) until you have had "the conversation." Past age 30ish, it is ok to need to be exclusive while you are sleeping with someone.

a&v said...

I'm the same way--I can't date other guys when I'm excited about someone. That said, I put all my hope on the last guy I seriously dated when now I wish I hadn't done that quite so quickly. But! Smiles sounds really into you and I think not going out with H would be a safe bet. ;)

Anonymous said...

If you hadn't met Smiles, how would you feel about your date with H?

If you're ambivalent anyway, no reason not to let him die on the vine.

If he sounded terrific (unlikely in the extreme, I know) -- well, there is no guarantee Smiles will be around in three months.

Not to be pessimistic, but it's hard to predict the future. A guy with great early promise doesn't always live up to it.

Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog for a while now. And I suspect that H might have been a B-Lister anyway. (see earlier blog post about lists!) Why date a B-Lister when you are "into" an A-Lister? I think there's probably more potential with an A-Lister, after all you've put him on the A list! However, like I said, I've been reading your blog for a while, and let me ask you this - how did you feel about the following men after your 2nd date: Witty Banter,
Adventure Dude, and This Guy? Did you feel just as optimistic about their potential as you do Smiles? The answer to that question could be the answer to your question.

Dating Trooper - Dating is Warfare said...

I remember posting a very similar question awhile back when I first met Wine Guy. I hate going against my gut. But I also hate putting my eggs in one basket. I say see how this date goes with Smiles goes (hopefully wonderfully) and then decide. It couldn't hurt to meet someone else. Trust me, first dates when you are really into someone else are much less torturous -almost kind of fun, like "hey, I don't need to be here"!) And maybe he'd be good nice to set up with a friend (I'm always looking out for my girls!) Just a thought....
Can't wait to hear how it went with Smiles! Happy 7/7/7 too...we went out for 7&7s tonight to celebrate!

Loverville said...

Thanks for the comments / suggestions.

Re: H -- he's one of those "good on paper" guys, but in general, I'm ambivalent about a guy until we meet in person.

I'm leaning towards NOT going out with him -- after date #3 yesterday with Smiles (post to follow), it would just feel weird to test out a new guy while I'm enjoying Smiles so much.