Sunday, August 19, 2007

Date #96: Sexy Dork (and more UN)

It’s been a fun-filled weekend:

Very good date with Cute Dork – who I’m now renaming Sexy Dork. He’s kind of goofy, kind of quirky and much cuter than I had expected – a nice package. He’s generous with the compliments, which is always a bonus (but he’s certainly not smarmy about it). We had a casual dinner, then several drinks, a bit of dancing (ok, not his strong point – but he gets an E for effort), and some very, very sexy kissing. Very. It didn’t go further than kissing, but my imagination ran wild.

I was happy to see that he e-mailed me today, saying he had a lovely time, and would love to get together next weekend.

However – there’s a catch. He told me on our date that he ended a serious relationship not long ago, and isn’t looking for anything serious right now. I’m glad he told me that – it’ll help with staying in the right mindset, knowing that it’s just fun. Cute Jewess asked me if I’m OK dating someone who doesn’t want to get serious – and for now, I think I am. Depending on if / how things develop with UN… maybe Sexy Dork could be that fling that I've been contemplating!

Then there was the daytime date with UN, biking in the park. I like him – he has a great sense of humor. At one point, we took a break, and I realized – he’s really cute! Not GQ / model / plastic cute – but “just my type” cute, nice smile, etc.

However, with UN I feel like I’m having a hard time getting below the surface. On my one date with Sexy Dork I learned more about what makes him tick than I have in several dates with UN. (family, relationships, etc) I know -- wait and see, and all that.

That’s pretty much been my dating mantra this year: wait and see. You don’t have to decide TODAY if you’re going to marry the guy. All you need to decide is if you want at least one more date with him. I tend to get ahead of myself – and having this blog has really helped me tone that down. I’ve been enjoying the process of laying it all out, and getting your feedback. So – thanks for reading!


pt said...

yes, indeed, i also believe that -- you don't need to make any big decisions about the future. all you have to do is go on another date or not.

BUT -- i don't like this guy. he tells you, for whatever reason, he "isn't looking for anything serious right now." for guys, of course, the timing is much more important than the person. if he were looking for something serious "right now," he would take whatever suitable girl was in front of him. similarly, he would reject someone great for him because he isn't ready "right now."

i also think he is telling you he's not that into you. nice of him to forewarn you.

sexagenarian and the city said...

it's always possible that SD might surprise himself...that although he gave you a kind of 'warning' at the start, he may find himself getting involved w. you anyway. you may be just the person to make him forget the recent ex.
i know, i know: too soon for all that. but keep that pleasant possibility in mind also.

Lucy said...

Wow! This is first relationship blog I've come across where the blogger is actually excited about his/her dates. It's refreshing really.

You would think that a standup comedienne like myself would want to hear the sorrowful tearful woe-filled stories. But an upper can be good, too!

Lovely coming across your blog, Loverville!

jgo said...

Hey lucy, which blogs have women who are not excited about dates?

Cute Jewess said...

I would say that SD is into you--but not into the idea of having to be with only 1 girl right now. But you'll keep that in mind.

And yesssss, I am *all about* the "Do I want a next date" question rather than the "Will I marry this guy" question.

I wonder when the "Would I ever marry this guy" question *should* come up? After 3 months? When talking about being exclusive?

walt said...

I disagree with pt - I think that for guys the person is more important than the timing. If a guy wants you, he'll find a way to make the timing right. If he says that he isn't looking for anything serious right now, it probably means that he views you as a potential fun fling, but not the right person for him long term. That's fine if it's what you want, but don't have any illusions.

Financial Artist said...

More to the point: Even if you DO decide today, you might always change your mind.

Loverville said...

At this point, I'm not too concerned about SD's willingness to I said, he might be just the guy for a fun fling for now! I could certainly use one.

Lucy, welcome aboard! But trust me, there are definitely some down days on here as well. You just happened to catch me on the upswing!

Financial Artist said...

I finally caved and got me a blog too!