Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Date #98: Eh

I must get more selective in my screening process.

“Eh” and I had a few brief e-mails and a decent (but short) phone conversation before tonight’s date. During the date, we mostly struggled for conversation, seemingly waiting for the polite time of exactly one hour to pass before calling it a night. When we said goodbye, there was no pretense of seeing each other again – just a simple, “nice to meet you!”.

Coming up: another date with Sexy Dork – tho after the last date, I’m not sure if I feeling the “sexiness” from him that much. I’m on the fence about him as a potential boyfriend, but I like him as a person – he’s very sweet, smart and has a great personality. After tonight’s stilted conversation and general first-date-ness with Eh, I’m looking forward to the familiarity of Sexy Dork (or maybe just … “Dork”?). At the very least, we always seem to have plenty to talk about.

The most exciting part of my day: I got an e-mail from Witty Banter. (granted – this was in response to my e-mail to him yesterday, in a “hey, you never know” moment) To re-cap: WB and I had one date a few months ago, after a great e-mail / phone connection – I thought the date went swimmingly well. We exchanged a few e-mails after that, but one of us was always out of town, or buried under work.

I just couldn’t stop thinking about him – it had seemed that we’d had a great connection as well as lots of the same interests. Admittedly, he was my complete “good on paper” kind of guy.

My e-mail to him yesterday was breezy and nonchalant – I was very happy that in his response he suggested getting together. I’m trying to be logical – if he was really into me, he could have found time to contact me a while ago. So we’ll see if there’s another date – no expectations. Or at least trying not to have any expectations.


a&v said...

Uh oh, two duds in a row. (Sounds pretty much like my dating experiences since The Breakup.) But, hmm, Witty Banter! Brave of you to email him and how great that he responded? You never know ...

Fool's Gold said...

If WB really liked you he would not have stayed out of touch. That he kept you on his list only tells me that he enjoyed the makeout session and, if he didn't have a partner, he might give you a call.

Be careful.

Fool said...

...sorry if that bums you out. I know I can be brutally honest.

Financial Artist said...

"...but I like him as a person – he’s very sweet..."

Whoa! Kiss of death for a guy. Maybe Dork needs a call from Timberlake to get his sexy back!

Loverville said...

A&V: I know... the bad first dates are agonizing!

FG: I know... trust me, I'm trying to stay realistic / cynical about this one. And sure, my *head* realizes that he certainly could/would have gotten in touch if he was really into me. But my *heart* feels that he's one of the few guys I liked this year, so it's worth a shot.

FA: yeah, it's not looking good for him. I must admit, the attention is somewhat flattering, though.

Anonymous said...

Just say no to Witty Banter!!! Do you really want a date with a man who doesn't want to date you? Because essentially that why guys don't call a woman; they don't want to date her. Sorry to be blunt, but there's no other way to look at it. You can't make someone like you!