Thursday, August 30, 2007

It's official -- I don't like (formerly Sexy) Dork after all...

I really wanted to give Dork a chance – such a nice guy, despite apparent social awkwardness. Still – it was quite apparent that he liked me, which was flattering. I really wanted to try to like him… but as we all know, you can’t force these things.

Tonight was a final attempt – we had plans for a picnic along the river. Not an auspicious beginning, as I cringed when I first saw him: he was wearing a tank top and shorts – the kind of tank top you wear to go running. He seems to have a decent body (slim and lean) – but that’s not the point. You do NOT wear a tank top on a third date, even if you’re having a picnic!

As we sat and chatted, he gradually moved closer and closer to me… and I kept drinking more wine, thinking, hmm, maybe I could kiss him. After a while, I just wanted to go home. Totally not into him – officially. He walked me to the subway, and I debated saying something then, but thought I’d save it for an e-mail. He had to know.

Ah well. I’ll have to keep this in mind next time I’m wondering if a guy is into ME. If there’s any doubt? He’s probably not.


sexagenarian and the city said...

was that 3 dates in a row this week (so far)? that's when dating feels like hard work. by process of elimination you're moving closer to The One. it has to be.

a&v said...

Painfully true, that last paragraph. I'll have to remember that as well. *gouge*

pt said...

Well, maybe Sexy Dork won't contact you again! You don't have evidence he will.

Plus, as you wrote not two weeks ago:
"He told me on our date that he ended a serious relationship not long ago, and isn’t looking for anything serious right now."

So you can throw his words right back at him. After all, he told you he wasn't looking for anything you took him at his word.

Samantha said...

Was it a wifebeater? I would be sort of insulted if a guy wore a wifebeater. I've totally been there-when you are drinking to hopefully lull yourself into wanting to kiss him!

Loverville said...

SATC: oh yes - three bad dates, all in one week! Happily, no dates planned for the weekend, just drinks and dancing with friends. (oh -- except for one bike-riding date, but that should be low-key)

A&V: indeed. So simple, yet so difficult to remember!

pt: True -- I'm not losing any sleep over this. I'm sure he's not either.

Samantha: it wasn't a wifebeater -- more like one of those baggy-ish tanks you used to see a lot in the 80s.


The Dauntless Dater said...

I must say Loverville, 98 men and you're still refusing to settle! I love it!

londongirl said...

eeek. tank top hell.

And not sure re always knowing how interested a guy is.

Loverville said...

Londongirl: You may have a point. Funny, I just re-read my own words, and found myself thinking, "really?"

For example -- UN -- he's not exactly effusive, but still -- it's early. We've only known each other a few weeks. So while I'm not sure how much he's "into" me, so far I'm not getting the sense that he's NOT into me.

And as I've mentioned in the past -- I have a theory about those guys who ARE effusive too quickly: they tend to lose interest just as quickly.