Sunday, August 12, 2007

UN / August

Good second date with UN last night. There’s some chemistry there, but not that strong instant “zing” that I had with Smiles.

I need to keep reminding myself – take it slowly, date by date. I know, I know… common sense, right? I tend to get impatient with these things. I like the zing, the giddiness, the high of being excited about someone. Just because I'm not feeling that with UN right now isn't necessarily a bad thing -- I'm just getting to know him slowly. (as I keep telling myself... I almost believe it!)

In the meantime, I need to work on setting up dates with other guys – there really aren’t any new contenders at this time. I IM’d with a new guy a few days ago and gave him my number – no call yet. Another guy who seemed promising is now out of town for the next few weeks.

And it certainly doesn't help that I have a few business trips this month -- actually, that DOES help. It helps me not obsess about dating as much!


spicy hebrew national said...

I’ve found it’s those dates that start off with fireworks right away that tend to fizzle out quickly. The ones that build up slowly are the ones that really last. Just enjoy the chemistry that you’re feeling right now and see where it takes you.

Loverville said...

Spicy HN -- so true. Case in point: this past month with Smiles. Started quickly, and ended just as quickly.

molly said...

Slow and steady wins the race! I know, such a cliche. That is how it started with my husband, I liked him but was not blown away on our first date, or the second, but it grew quickly after and by about the 5th date things has meshed and I knew he "could" be the one. It just became easy. That is how I knew.

jgo said...

Any kissy kissy?

Heather said...

you're doing the right thing--just see where it goes!

what did you end up wearing?

Loverville said...

Molly: that's so lovely -- lucky you!

JGO: some smooching -- no more than that! A respectable amount for date #2.

Heather: I wore a pair of cool pants I'd forgotten about (I always get compliments on them) and a low cut, but not trashy top.

And it's funny -- I wore the dress out with friends tonight, and wasn't thrilled with how I felt!