Saturday, August 11, 2007

What to wear...

I'm trying to decide what to wear tonight for my second date with UN -- we're meeting at a cocktail lounge.

Options are:
1. cute tube top sundress I bought today. PRO: girly, very feminine. CON: not as slimming as option #2. Also, the top of this kind of dress always seems to need adjusting.

2. jeans with cute summery top that makes me look busty. PRO: slimming. CON: not as dressy / feminine as option #1. Also, on my first date with UN I wore jeans and a cute top... option #1 would look quite different.

(I think I'm leaning towards the dress, but would still love input!)

UPDATE: I found another option -- flattering pants that I hadn't worn in a while (not jeans) and a slimming yet sexy (but not trashy) top. I just wasn't thrilled with the dress.


sexagenarian and the city said...

i would go w. the dress & try to practice in it / adjust the top beforehand. i'm always surprised that men i get to know well tell me that 'skinny' is not that impt, they like 'something to hold onto' etc. fat/obese is bad [this is my attempt to articulate the male view as i've experienced it], but some flesh is good. of course my recent exp. is w. men 60 -74, but they may not be that dif from 30+.
so i'd look 'girly'/pretty in the dress.

A guy said...

Go for the dress.