Monday, September 3, 2007

Date #100!: Vanilla Man

Well – I tried.

In my efforts to only go on dates where a connection was established by phone, Vanilla Man thwarted my radar. He was very good on paper, had decent (yet not very clear) pics, and on the phone he was witty and charming.

In person – eh. He’d said he was my age, but he looked and seemed years older. I just found him so terribly uninteresting.

Walking home, I picked up Tasti D-Lite “frozen dessert”, as they call their low-fat product. I chuckled as I considered the comparison between the dessert and my date: bland, not a whole lot of flavor, and easily forgettable.

I think I’m going to go on dating hiatus for a while, with the exception of UN. I like him, but still mentally trying to take it very slowly.

Lots of fun plans with friends coming up over the next week (a baseball game, parties), so there will be plenty of worthwhile distractions from dating. Good.

After 100 first dates, I need a break.


a&v said...

It's too bad your 100th date was so inauspicious!

jgo said...

This truly, truly sucks. I was hoping for a good one for #100. Remember the movie 50 First Dates? Well you've done 100. Thats pretty exhausting even though it has been over 2 years. Why is it so hard to find someone we like in this busy city? Ya know, my friends always tell me I am too picky and I never give anyone a chance. Do people say the same to you?

sexagenarian07 said...

well, congratulations, sort of, on this landmark. let's hope you find T. O. without enduring another 100. he's definitely out there, maybe even suffering 100 bad dates himself. wishing you lots of luck as the hours of daylight grow shorter and men begin to get lonely and want female companionship a little more...

Heather said...

i give you credit for getting out there and trying!! I think it's great...and you will find someone that you're compatible with, it will take time. Nothing in life worth having is ever easy.

Samantha said...

So sorry both the boy and the dessert were bland. Sounds like a break is in order because dating should be fun. "Should be." So enjoy your dating hiatus and go try Pinkberry!

pt said...

Two thoughts here:

First, maybe it would help to screen a whole whole whole lot more. Like, only meet guys you are truly excited about meeting. If there is anything that makes you hesitate at all, cross 'em off the list.

Second, I maintain you are looking in the wrong pool. Online guys tend to be bad bets. These are guys who are here because they have been unable to meet someone in the real world. The exceptions are few and far between, which is why you need to screen them out. Unfortunately, the purported "ease" of online dating makes it way harder to find someone.

My sympathies. It truly does suck.

Anonymous said...

Tasti-D is so pathetically unsatisfying, just like the dating scene sometimes.

My advice, learn from it! If 100 dates have been less-than-great, try a different source. The online thing is not working. Try only real, human connections.

Consider this It's just like quantity snacking, that crappy Tasti-D will be ok for about three bites, then it's bland. But if you have a bite or two of real, quality (not quantity) ice cream, made with wholesome, rich products, you'll probably feel more satisfied.

Or just forego the Tasti-D for Mary's Dairy or Pinkberry! You may even meet someone sweet on the line(not online)!

Loverville said...

A&V: indeed!

JGO: Nope -- and actually, I think it's a GOOD thing I'm picky. I'd rather be single then be with the wrong person. I've done that in the past -- never again.

SITC: long, cool autumn nights are just around the corner!

Heather: thanks!

Samantha: maybe I'll find a cute guy in Pinkberry! Um, actually not the Chelsea Pinkberry -- they're just ogling the other cute boys there, not me!

PT: I'm with you on tightening the screening process. And I certainly do meet guys "in the wild", but find that it's gotten harder as I got older. Actually, earlier this year I dated a guy for a few weeks who I met at a friend's party. I've also tried introductions through my parents, a singles' hiking group, biking club...

Anon: you sound like a true foodie! Do I know you...?

londongirl said...

I'm impressed by 100 dates. I should have kept track - though I'm not sure if it can't just be bit depressing??

I think a hiatus is a good idea - bit of a pause, regroup and move on!