Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Date #101: Muscle Man

I had my suspicions that Muscle Man and I would not be a match – we never had a chance to talk on the phone before meeting for a drink, and his e-mails weren’t exactly intellectual.

I wasn’t wrong. Though cute, and lives in my neighborhood, that definitely wasn’t enough. When I mentioned that I'd gone salsa dancing over the weekend, he asked, “that’s where you shake your ass a lot, right?”

Enough said.

Hm. I could never see UN saying something like that on a first date. I'm liking him more and more, but am cautiously keeping feelings in check. Not easy.


Craig said...

but isn't it? :)

I think he was attempting to flirt.

Loverville said...

If that's his way of flirting? No thanks! I prefer a more subtle approach, one without mention of asses. At least on the first date...!

londongirl said...

Muscle man is so not worthy...