Saturday, September 1, 2007

Date #99: Abs Guy

Ok – this is it – really, this time!

From this moment on, I will ONLY meet up with dates where there’s some semblance of a connection by phone first. I’ve been overly optimistic one too many times in thinking that even though there’s not much of a phone connection, it might be different in person. Newsflash: it never is!

Case in point: today’s coffee date with Abs Guy (so named because he’s showing off his well-sculpted abs in his profile pic). We first talked on the phone maybe a year or two ago – he didn’t recall this fact – and I clearly remember that we had no click at that time. He contacted me again recently.

Over coffee, it was quite apparent that there was no zing. We did the polite one-hour thing, then went our separate ways. So why did I agree to meet up in the first place, when I sensed that there was next to no chance of an in-person click? Maybe my usual Pollyanna optimism… the thought that it’s “only” an hour, and I was going to be in his neighborhood anyway… who the hell knows.

My New Month Resolution (since I don’t want to wait for the New Year): to ONLY go out on dates after we’ve had a chance to talk on the phone for at least 15 minutes – AND I sense there may be a connection. Hopefully by doing this, I’ll start getting exciting about meeting these guys again!

I don’t have any first dates scheduled in the near future, but I’ve been exchanging e-mails with a few new guys lately. The next first date will be my one hundredth first date since February 2005 – yikes.

Seems like the perfect time to change my approach to dating!

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