Saturday, September 22, 2007


Had a second date with Teen Crush, and I’m happy to say – there seems to be a mutual attraction there. Some drinks, some strolling, some smooching. Lots to talk about – not TMI, but he didn’t seem afraid to reveal a bit about himself. When he told me that he "felt lucky to have met a fun, beautiful woman”? I’m still smiling.

And best of all – before we said goodnight, he asked when we could see each other again. Plans are in place for this week, and I’m excited about spending more time with him. I’m bursting to divulge more about him (and the things I like about him), but since there’s always the fear of being “discovered”, I’ll have to leave it at that… for now.

Then there’s UN – we have plans tonight, but it looks like there will be no “talk”. He’s entertaining some out-of-town friends, and asked if was OK if they joined us – of course, I said yes. So, on one hand – he’s introducing me to friends, which is kind of a big deal – he could have easily just re-scheduled our night together. On the other hand? Now that I have this inevitable comparison to a guy who does indeed seem into me, UN’s slight standoffish-ness feels all the more apparent. But he really does have enough good qualities for me to want to keep dating him, at least for the time being.

The impulsive side of me would be happy to take down my Match profile and just date Teen Crush. The rational side of me has finally learned the value of taking it slowly (see: Smiles, July), keep my focus scattered… and play the old “wait and see” game.


a&v said...

That's so great that things are going so well with Teen Crush! I think being rational is the way to go (having made irrational mistakes in the past myself) but I truly hope that this one sticks. UN better get with the program--but let's say he weren't being standoffish. Who would you choose? (I love playing nonsensical 'what if' games!)

Samantha said...

Fantastic!!! I definitely think you are doing the right thing by doing the wait and see. You have only been on 2 dates with Teen Crush and a date with UN's friends is a good sign, not a bad one. Can't wait to hear what happens next!